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Are On Demand guitar lessons helpful to learn to play guitar?

I have a guitar, and I dont even know how to play it. I dont want to take lessons so i was wondering if anyone has used the lessons On Demand on comcast and if they would help me learn at the least tyhe basics! Also which ones because there are multiple ones i think? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Are On Demand guitar lessons helpful to learn to play guitar?”

  1. frickadella said:

    Check out Bob Bourassa’s Free online introduction on youtube – 7 weeks of lessons (in progress; 5 wks so far). Very good lessons. Don’t progress to the next one until you have the one you’re on down pat. (Just click on the video response to move up)

    I can’t say that I recommend online programs. I don’t know why you don’t want an instructor, but they would help you avoid the MANY pitfalls in practicing – remember Practice Makes Permanent. Consider a community college course.

  2. guitarplayer10 said:

    well if you don’t want to take lessons, your not going to get very far with the guitar. If you plan on getting good at guitar, you have to have loads of interest and motivation to play it. I’ve taken both piano and guitar lessons and it is way better then online lessons. The first few lessons you feel very nervous, but that soon goes away…and once you get better, then you will really enjoy guitar lessons.


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