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did jack white learn to play guitar quickly between albums?

he was dkn horrible when i first heard him years back, shockingly simple
but now his in a guitar doco and got some nice blues rock leads happening, opinions?

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3 Responses to “did jack white learn to play guitar quickly between albums?”

  1. Lexi. said:

    He knew how to play before, but he wanted his music to be extremely simple, especially on the De Stijl album. That was also part of the idea in having a two-person band (The White Stripes), making it as simple as possible, but still making something creative and artistic. He’s always studied blues and taken influences from old blues masters and other rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, and I think that is just coming through a little more heavily in his work lately, especially since he’s started his bands other than the White Stripes.

  2. Alfredo C said:

    he was always great. its easier to write a crazy solo such as eruption cus thats just running up and down scales but a simple song takes a lot more talent to come up with because it takes more than just theoretical knowledge it takes feeling as well. he just likes it the hard way

  3. John said:

    Come on, you can’t say a simpler song is easier than a complex song. And eruption isn’t even close to running up and down scales. It wasn’t very musical, but it WAS creative. And its NOT AS HARD AS IT LOOKS!!!!. Back to the question, it’s most likely that he evolved as a musician/guitarist. I’m positive that he’s better than he was now. Whether or not he could play what he can now back then, I don’t know.


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