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Would I be able to learn Guitar even though I only have?

I only have 8 fingers, well technically 9 but my pinky on my left hand doesn’t bend and is alot shorter and the ring finger on my left hand is cut off. There’s a story to it but I don’t want to explain.

So by any chance would I at all be able to learn?

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11 Responses to “Would I be able to learn Guitar even though I only have?”

  1. monica c: said:

    I don’t see why not. If you really want to play, don’t let the amount of your fingers stop you. Good luck (:

  2. Steven said:

    if those fingers cant hold down strings im sorry to say it but i doubt it

  3. les paul string king said:

    i have been playing for a while now, and i think, that if you relay stick with it you can, but it wont be easy at first.

  4. Heli12345 said:

    Yes, but it might take a little more time than the average person.

  5. la_star said:

    umm yes you would still be able to learn unless ur left-handed which will kinda be hard…well good luck on learning!

  6. Oceanlady said:

    If you really want to learn how to play the guitar, you’ll figure out a way. Trust me.

  7. Shawn said:

    Yes, You will have some problems and might not be th next Van Halen, but many guitarists have disfigurements. Jerry Garcia was missing his ring finger, Tony Iommi has pastic caps on his fret hand, due to losing 2 finger tips in an accident at 17, Jeff Healy is blind and so on……..

  8. Matt B said:

    django reinhardt only had his middle and index finger on his left hand, and he played guitar fabulously.
    so yes, u can

  9. OnTheRock said:

    Right hand doesn’t matter so much as long as you can hold the pick (it would be tough with no thumb). You can get by without the pinky on the left hand. If you’re missing more fingers on the left hand, you might think about playing left handed so you’re holding the pick in the left hand and using the right hand, with more fingers, to do the fretting. I see absolutely no reason you couldn’t adapt and learn how to play though. I’ve seen a guy with no arms play the guitar with his feet, so anything is possible :~)

  10. Sarah said:

    well…. that would be kind of difficult playing/ using the fretboard with your left hand. but if you decide to play guitar (using fretboard) with your right hand and strum with your left hand, it might be easier. i think you should try =) dont let it stop you.

  11. Johannus Roz said:

    It all depends on what you want to play and how good you want to perform.
    I heard Eric Clapton played his solo’s with 3 fingers and he became world famous.
    Of course you’ll never be a classical top guitarist, but you’ll definitely can learn to play guitar.
    Remember music is communication and as long as you keep that in mind you will be able to enjoy making it.


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