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Can you learn guitar with only five strings?

THe thick e string is not in tune because the string is loose. ant the head tuner can’t like put it in tune and i just bought it.

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7 Responses to “Can you learn guitar with only five strings?”

  1. fun2w2 said:

    sure but you have to have a very good imagination

  2. T M said:

    either it is in need of repair or you don’t know how to string a guitar — get a book that shows how to string your instrument, and also an electronic tuner so you’ll know when it’s in tune

  3. Mikejs180 said:

    If it’s loose you most likely broke it. Ask another guitar player if they have an extra string and to change it for you or take it back to the store and explain to them your problem. Then it should tune just fine. Cause you can’t really learn guitar with only five strigns. :-/

  4. dms47949 said:

    tighten the nut down that is under the tuning key.

  5. fluffy said:

    yes, you can learn how to play the guitar with 5 strings since the 6th string is also E.. However, the sound won’t be as good as it would if the strings were complete.

    Hmm.. maybe you can inquire about how you can fix the 1st string from where you bought your guitar?

  6. playwork71 said:

    No. You need the rest of the instrument.

  7. Rachel_S165 said:

    Sounds like the low E string tuner is broken. Take the guitar back to the store where you bought it and have them repair or replace it. You paid good money for that guitar, its absolutely inexcusable for a brand new guitar not to be in perfect working order.

    If they can’t or won’t repair it, get your money back and buy a better guitar someplace else.


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