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Has anybody ever give up drinking and smoking cold turkey?

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7 Responses to “Has anybody ever give up drinking and smoking cold turkey?”

  1. Angel C said :

    i couldnt do that if i tried.

  2. Reenie from 86riverside said :

    I’m quitting smoking the first of the year, but I won’t give up my beer!

  3. Dee said :

    I gave up smoking cold turkey ..
    That is the only way it can be done..
    Just remember like any addicxtion if you can make it through 72 hours detox got it beat ”

    this site helped me quit …

  4. Sprezzatura said :

    I tried smoking some cold turkey once but it;s hard to get it to burn evenly. If I gave up drinking my brain would go into spasm and kill my body.

  5. urthickasabrick said :

    Gave up smoking cold turkey.
    Came back from a Canada fishing trip on a Saturday, broke up with troublesome girlfriend on Sunday, and had no desire to smoke on Monday over 3 years ago.

    I honestly believe the stress brought on by her was the reason for my 2 pack a day habit

  6. irish_matt1971 said :

    i did started smoking again 7yrs latter i am sober today thanks to AA

  7. zippythejessi said :

    Yep to both. The smoking was just a health issue – I coughed up some bloody mucus and it scared me so much I stopped right away. The drinking was a conscious issue. After my best friend was murdered in 2001, I realized that it would be VERY easy to crawl into a bottle and never come out, so I didn’t touch a single drop for more than six months. To date, I’ve been intoxicated twice since then.


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