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I think that I might be pregnant, when should I give up smoking, drinking and women?

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31 Responses to “I think that I might be pregnant, when should I give up smoking, drinking and women?”

  1. Heather said :

    right now…the second you even think your pregnant is when you should stop

  2. ft3535 said :

    are you kidding me or what?

    last week you should have..

    some on…are you serious?

  3. dolphin_maniac03 said :

    If you think your pregnant take an at home test but the best time to quit is as soon as you think you are. The sooner you quit the better for you and your baby. Good Luck.

  4. black death said :

    you should do it right now. smoking and drinking can produce low birth weight or kill the baby.

  5. chaos2aw said :

    NOW! better safe than sorry

  6. lorna s said :

    now i had that problem and i went to the doctor they said it could really hurt your baby

  7. said :

    yes you should,if you dont stop smoking then your baby will either have a blindess or something that has to do with retardness,and also if you smoke and your 80 youll end up with a hole in the throte and you cant even speak,so yes stop smoking and drinking.if you cant quet then go to a rehab and theyll help you out,it worked for my step dad

  8. answer master said :

    ASAP You don’t want to kill ti do you
    What is wrong with u woman

  9. Lisa Marie said :

    You should stop smoking now, even B4 you find out forsure. The baby’s internal organs and brain all begin to develope the first 3 weeks of gestation…the most important time for the developing fetus to have the perfect invironment. Smoking will NOT allow for that perfect invironment.

    There are now home pregnancy tests that can tell if you are pregnant several days after conception…look for one and take it, then make an appointment with your OB/GYN.

    GOOD LUCK….!!

  10. txblondi76 said :

    women yes of coures stop now.

  11. nikki said :

    Even a woman’s health before the baby plays a roll in the pregnancy. You shouldn’t stop right when you think you are pregnant, you should stop before you even start trying! And you should also start taking a prenatal vitamin w/ folic acid. Folic acid deficiency is the #1 cause of birth defects in the very early stages of development.

  12. landoflookbehind said :


  13. twistitier said :


  14. mikeoxbigg2006 said :

    never give up women!!!

  15. recreiokid said :


  16. Einstein said :

    uhmmm…come again?lol

  17. Trailertrash! said :

    Give up the smokin’ and drinkin’, keep the women!

  18. JuJu Bean llc said :

    Get that DNA test first make sure its yours,and deny everything up until your court date.and finally hide all your assets in a swiss piggy bank.Oh yeah switch to a filtered ciggarrette, and take your vitamins and no more mudslides for you kiddo.

  19. X&Y said :

    when the kid turns 18

  20. Freyja said :

    hehehe…..good one girl!

  21. Tom H said :

    just switch to a pipe and send the women my way

  22. Blackie Bassett said :

    now you silly goose…not only is it bad for baby..very bad… they can serve you up felony charges for that if the squab comes up with signs of fetal alc syndrome…

  23. msqtech said :


    Good Luck and God Bless!!

  24. Susan said :

    Give me a good shagging with a drink in one hand, me in the other and a ciggarette hanging out of your mouth before you do

  25. poison ivy said :

    just wait one more day
    do this everyday =)
    and dont forget to get more spanking lol

  26. dr strangelove said :

    First 2 right away…last one you should hang on to..iffin she knows somthin about birthin babies!

  27. Dave said :

    You should give up smoking no matter what. You can drink, but after the baby, and only when you’re around me. Women? You never have to give them up. What’s your address so I can mail you the camera and tapes?

  28. MojoMan said :

    Just the first two.

  29. Isabelle said :

    Better start now…you will need them to bear the little b…ggers ! Add pot too !

  30. jacqui t said :

    how did you fall pregnant when your with a woman
    give up smoking and drinking straight away

  31. md5passs said :


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