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Anybody thought to give up smoking today?

How long did it last?

I had my my first one at just past midday, a bit earlier than usual. So much for that!

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3 Responses to “Anybody thought to give up smoking today?”

  1. jenny w said :

    I’m really trying but it is so hard and i don’t have much will power.

  2. luis said :

    yea i’ve only smoked two times in my life trust me when i see someone smoking i get the urge to smoke another one but i try to control my urge but since its your first one quit while you can cause if you keep on smoking its gona get harder and harder to quit and when you finally realize you have cancer or another thing and lowers your ability to run and hold your brath under water quit while you can!!

  3. Mashka kakashka said :

    Trust me the frist few hours are the hardest. if you make it past them youll be fine.

    but hey onther other hand you cant teach an old dog new trickes.

    good luck


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