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why is it when you’re trying to give up smoking, cigarettes seem to be everywhere?

or when you’re on a diet, junk food is everywhere? or when you’re in love, everything seems to be about love? do you know what I mean? why do we think like that?
i’m not a smoker it was just an example lol!

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7 Responses to “why is it when you’re trying to give up smoking, cigarettes seem to be everywhere?”

  1. Lynne B said :

    the toxic stuff has to come out to be cleared out. It is your opportunity to say “thank you for showing me yourself, but no thank you, you can move on now”. The choice is yours so the more you strenghten yourself against what you don’t want the better. So in a weak moment it won’t bother you at all.

  2. diamonds said :

    They are nowhere. It is ur imagination only. If u have decided to quit smoking then do so. Cigarretes are the nails of your cofin. QUIT SMOKING NOW. IT IS INJURIOUS TO YOUR HEALH. AND IF U ARE A PREGNANT WOMAN THEN IT IS INJURIOUS TO THE BABY TOO.

  3. DREA said :

    i think the resone why is because you just gave it up and its on your mined when things are on your mined you tend to wana pay attention to it and see it

  4. Mr.Dickson said :

    Because They all really are everywhere and it sucks sometimes but what can you really do about it. :

  5. Shadow Girl said :

    It has a little to do with psychology.

    When you really want something and are trying to quit your brain still sometimes gives the impression of seeing what it is , in this case cigarettes, everywhere. Its the addiction talking telling you “You need it” even when you want to quit.

    All you have to do is keep trying not to pick up that cig and as time goes on you should want it less and less at that point in time you shouldn’t notice it as much.

  6. Sam S said :

    because you really dont notice it until you experience it. example: you are so used to smoking that you don’t notice it until you are forced to go without it.

  7. nemo said :

    because thats all thats on your mind


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