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my friend is trying to give up smoking how can i support her?

ok so today she told me that today would be the last day she smokes. can i expect her to get cranky and how to i support her and encourage her to keep on going?

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3 Responses to “my friend is trying to give up smoking how can i support her?”

  1. Darth Vader said :

    Every time she wants a ciggarette, give her a big kiss instead.

  2. Harlequin Girl said :

    Motivate her with something important for her, with an event or a gift, or everytime she asks for a cigarrete deny it to her, an instead of that take her to a nice place.

  3. Chula said :

    It’s difficult to give up smoking easily or ”cold turkey”. Most people who say or convince themselves that this is going to be their last time smoking, they stop for a few days or so but always end up smoking again. There’s a new patch that’s been out on the market for a while which really works well, Patients at my place of work swear by it. It is called Cantrix, perhaps your friend can check with her Health Insurance to see if they will cover the cost or her PCP can offer her some trial samples.
    I would try to encourage her by reminding her that quitting smoking will give her a much longer and healthier life. There’s really not anything you can do other than encourage her to stop because of the health dangers involved. Basically, she has to be the one who wants to take responsibility for her own health.


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