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I’m trying to give up smoking any tips?

Hi I’m trying to give up smoking, I have smoked for 15 years and smoke rolling tabacco I smoke 2.5 pouches a week.

I started on the 5th and have only smoked 2 cigs a day since.

but i need more help before my doctor appointment on monday

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3 Responses to “I’m trying to give up smoking any tips?”

  1. hallabang said :

    once a smoker always a smoker.

    You would have to change your friends and habits. When your stressed out you would need some other “fix”.

  2. You said :

    dont smoke

  3. Oh by Gee it's me! said :

    I think you are really on the right track already. Well done. They say giving up is a process and you get bits in between when you do smoke. The doctor can prescribe things to help you with the cravings.

    I have decided to go the cut down route. Where I smoke one less cigarette a day. I am just so terribly addicted.

    You can also try hypnosis too if you don’t like taking drugs of any sort.


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