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Do you believe dog obedience classes are necessary?


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15 Responses to “Do you believe dog obedience classes are necessary?”

  1. Mel B said :

    Ive never took any and im fine

  2. Renee S said :

    Pretty much yea, dogs arent born knowing commands nor are we with knowing best ways to teach them. If you want to have some control over your dog and be able to take them places without them running off, after other dogs etc you need to go.

  3. chetco said :

    If the trainer is teaching positive reinforcement, then they can be a very good socializing environment. Its great for any dog to meet other dogs and people in a controlled environment.
    However, if the owner is a good dog trainer, and dedicated to getting the dog out and about for socialization, a formal school setting isn’t a necessity. It is just really helpful, fun and motivating.

  4. Filthy Rich said :

    Depends on the size of the dog. If you have a little dog then its not a big deal when they act up cause you can always just pick them up. If you have a pit bull then thats a different story.

  5. woohootoodles said :

    only if your dog is bad when you teach it or if you have no idea what you are doin or are unsure wether yu are teaching right. they dont need to be used but it can have a good result:D
    good luck:D

  6. leah308 said :

    I have had German Shepherds and Old English Sheepdogs all my life and have never been to obedience classes.

    However now I have a small Yorkshire Terrier who is a completely different natured dog, I took her to obedience classes and its been fantastic, she picked up the training straight away and does not bark all the time and is very good with other dogs which she wasn’t before the puppy classes.

    Its really up to you, if you know what your doing and confident to do it, fine. But if in doubt I would say go, you learn lots of new ideas and handy tips as well as your dog learning how to behave around other dogs.

    Better do it this way than have an espisode in the local field.

    Hope this helps, if you leave in the North East/Northumberland I would recommend

    Hope this helps.

  7. tiff said :

    A dog needs training but dog obedience classes aren’t always necessary or even a good idea. I train my dogs myself or with friends (all dog trainers and compete in either working trials or obedience) and use classes as a form of socialization and as part of my “proofing” program.

    If you are not very experienced in training a dog they are a good place to start but you need to look around and find a good one which will fit both yours and your dogs needs. And in this situation I would try to find one with small classes.

    Some dogs cant cope with the fact that there are so many dogs around and in this case 1-2-1 is better.

    Classes are also a way of meeting other people and talking and comparing notes. None of us have all of the answers and even if you don’t agree with most of what others say there is usually some nugget of information you can squirrel away for a later date.

  8. Alex W said :

    I think obedience classes are necessary not only for the dog but for the human. The key here is consistency. Taking classes helped me to be consistent with my dog and that’s huge. Our canine friends are very smart and if they find that you aren’t consistent on something, they will expose that loophole. I’ve found that when the dog finds a loophole it can cause problems.

  9. ragapple said :

    Several people have said their should be a test to pass before getting a dog – I’d rather require an obedience class….
    FOR a novice owner its VITAL an experienced one maybe not so..

  10. Ulva Child said :

    Yes , if more people took their dogs to obedience classes then we would have better behaved dogs in the streets.
    I have taken all my dogs to obedience lessons , not because I do not know what I am doing because I also train them myself but because they learn more and get to socialize which is very important.

    For the person that said only big breeds need to get trained , what planet are you living on? , the reason most small breeds are crazy is because people do not think they need to train their little 5pound dogs.
    All dogs need training , I personally believe that dogs should be taken to obedience classes.
    If you are a experienced trainer and know 100% what you are doing then ok there might not be a need for obidience but unles you takeyour dog to dog parks etc then how will they learn to sociolise with other dogs?
    You need to put the time and effort to sociolising your dog .
    It is also a very good place for humans to learn aswell.

    ADD* It is a very nice invironemt and all my dogs seem to lve it their and have made lots of friends

  11. Lisa said :

    They aren’t necessary, but it’s a good way for getting your dog well socialised with other dogs and people, and it’s good fun as well, so I would definately recommend it!

  12. anne b said :

    After having to drag a 120 pound lab across a store to the vet because he had a hurt paw, getting jumped on, covered in blood head to toe and almost getting slammed into fixtures all the way there, then watching as two techs had to lay on the dog so the vet could look at his paw (and this dog is 18 months old), I firmly believe that these owners are idiots for not obedience training their dog. Shame on them for putting someone else through that because they were too lazy to train their dog!
    People dont think about how inconvenient it is for others as well as themselves when they omit basic obedience training from their dogs lives.
    Its just like having a misbehaving monster of a screaming kid in public with the parents watching on, thinking “isnt he cute” while everyone around them is wondering how they put up with the brat.

    Obedience training prevents bad things from happening later, like owners giving up their dogs because they can no longer handle them. It makes their lives easier if their dogs obey them instead of destroying things and not coming when called. It keeps the dogs safe when they obey the orders of their masters. It prevents dog bites and euthanization down the road.

    I dont understand why anyone would consider obedience classes UNnecessary!

  13. Pam said :

    ABSOLUTELY! Obedience classes create a wonderful bond also.

  14. roxy said :

    i think they can help, i took my dog to them and she is great now

  15. crazypelo77 said :

    In some cases, yes. However, if you have the time and the patience to properly train your dog yourself, you can be just as successful. There are many books you can buy or get from your local library on dog training – it all just takes patience. We adopted our dog from the SPCA at 6 months old last July. My husband trained her himself. She can do just about anything now: sit, lay down, play dead, high-five, roll over, stay, and down/off. We are still currently working with jumping every now and again. You can check her out at . Some dogs will learn faster than others. Our Cairn learned pretty fast, but we used to have a German Shepherd that took forever – mostly because we started late in training him. Both are highly intelligent dogs with different personalities.

    Obedience classes and just taking your dog to a pet store or dog parks are also great for socialization.


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