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Have you taken your dog to Obedience Classes?

Just wondering.

Did it work? What did you think about them? What was your favorite part?


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9 Responses to “Have you taken your dog to Obedience Classes?”

  1. JoAnn S said :

    Yes it does help. Obedience classes will teach you how to train your dog. It also is a good way to socialize your dog.

  2. Alexus A said :

    It’s great, favorite part is when my puppy respond to my command

  3. major6440 said :

    Yes. I have taken both of my dogs to the training class at Petsmart. I would highly recommend it. It’s more of a training class for humans to learn how to train dogs. They also give you a lot of good info on toys, good and bad types of dog food, etc.

  4. Matt T said :

    We have not taken our current dog to training and she is doing perfectly fine. We took our previous dog (adopted at 3 years old with little training) and it helped her a little bit, but she would just not listen, but it was a great way to see how the pro’s train dogs.

  5. MrNatural said :

    No, I never took my dog to obedience classes. I had a
    friend who did and it worked out pretty well for him. In those
    classes a good part of it is training the owner in what to do
    and how to give the commands. I brought a couple of books,
    read on the internet,(you have to weed through the info on
    the internet though…lots of b.s.), asked a lot of questions, and
    my 6 month old German shepherd is better trained than my
    friends who paid almost a grand to have it done for him. If you
    train him yourself it really gives you and your dog a good
    chance to bond.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  6. nqf said :

    I have taken and taught various classes. IMO, the best part of taking any dog class (obedience, agility, freestyle, etc.) is getting feedback about your technique. I could easily (and do) just work my dog at home, alone. But getting feedback about my interactions with my dog from other trainers is invaluable.
    Yes, classes I have taken have ‘worked’ because I made sure they worked.

  7. bassetnut said :

    All my dogs go to obedience class. It is good for socializing them, and helps them to learn to behave in a distracting environment. It also helps to have an experienced instructor observe your training, they can pick up mistakes you are making that you may not notice. Even experienced trainers benefit from taking their dogs to class.

  8. susie said :

    I took my chichihua to obedience class because she was so small I didn’t want to correct the wrong way, she did great in the class and got her deploma and the party, she is now 2 1/2 years old and I should have received the deploma because she does want she wants of course thats my fault, but there are some good classes and she did good.

  9. cen5 said :

    Yeah, my mum runs classes (she’s the secretary/treasurer, but we have two trainers who take the classes). My dogs have gone to classes for mwhe nthey were about 12 weeks old, but their basic trainign started as soon as we got them.

    Obedience training keeps the dogs brain working, so it means that they do not get bored and become destructive. It also means that you have so muc hmore control over your dog, and it helps you to gain your dominance.

    Obedience training is good as it is socialisation for both the dogs and you. You will meet new friends, you can discuss doggy stories etc (non-doggy people don’t usually like stories about how Rover rolled in fox poo!), and the dog meets ‘friends’ too. There are quite often more advanced classes going on in the same hall as the puppy class, so it gives you the chance to ask a trainer or one of the more experienced handlers about any issues hat your dog has.

    Contact the Kennel Club and ask for a list of registered clubs in your area (there are some clubs which are not KC registred, but it is likely that these also do not have insurance etc, so if your dog was to get in a scuffle and need vet care, you would need to pay, whereas a KC reg club, the insurance guarantees your safety.

    Good Luck with the training!


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