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can dentists still tell if your smoking if you give up a week before?

i dont want any1 else 2 no about my smoking an i was told that they can tell, but would they if i gave up the week before??

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4 Responses to “can dentists still tell if your smoking if you give up a week before?”

  1. buckobuckobucko said :

    They can tell if you have nicotine stains on your teeth, but they can’t tell anyone. That would violate your privacy.

  2. Meilien said :

    Yes, if you were a heavy smoker they will even be able to tell a couple of years afterward. Smoking stains your teeth. Unless you get you were a very light smoker of you have teeth whitened/deep cleaned your dentist will be able to tell easily.

    If you told your health care provider that you don’t smoke, but you do, then your dentist can pass this information on. This isn’t breaking medical confidence.

  3. Elayne said :

    they can tell because smoke leaves deposits on your teeth. If you get a small mirror you can put it in your mouth and look at the back side of your front teeth. (You also need a larger mirror) You can see the stains that the smoke leaves behind. If you scrub them off really good with a toothbrush and toothpaste you might fool the dentist.

    Older people who have smoked for a long time may have unhealthy gums that is characteristic from smoking. You can’t hide that from your dentist.

  4. ProudMomof3 said :

    Dentists don’t care if you smoke or not. They just want to know if you can pay the bill.


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