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Christmas cooking question?

I’ve got this jar of goose fat, but what am I supposed to do with it? Is it meant for basting the bird, or is it for roasting the potatoes in?

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4 Responses to “Christmas cooking question?”

  1. mecha_nic said :

    basting only, unless you really really like the taste of goose fat. Use some of the water from the potatoes after cooking them as stock to start the gravy. Try to keep as much fat out of the gravy as possible…

    Good eats.

  2. gailysue said :

    You can use just a little of it for basting the bird..You don’t need much since goose like duck is a greasy meat..Put the jar in the refrigerator and leave it until the grease rises to the top and forms a solid grease layer…This can take a few hours or a day…Take out this fat layer and throw it away…The rest will be like meat jello..If you melt it it is meat stock…Great for making gravies or soups! Put in small containers and freeze…You’ll be glad you took the trouble!

  3. wcanoodle said :

    You could baste with it or mix with peanut butter and wild bird seeds and hang in a tree for birds as suet…

  4. Pat K said :

    Use SOME for basting, so the gravy stock can thicken properly when the time comes.


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