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Did you give up smoking? How? true answers please.?

in what age did you give up smoking and what was the aftermath effect on your appearance and sking looking?

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13 Responses to “Did you give up smoking? How? true answers please.?”

  1. Scooby said :

    no i did not and doubt if i ever will…………….

  2. Dennis B said :

    I smoked from the age of 15 Years until I was about 21, I woke up one day and thought…”Hang on smoking is for school kids and single mums on benefits” I just went cold turkey, It was like walking on broken glass for about 4 weeks but WELL worth it!!!

  3. Butt Face said :

    I smoked for 25 years…sometimes up to 150 cigarettes a day.

    And I gave up..not for health reasons… but because they just got too b bloody expensive.

    I was spending up to $300 a week on smokes.

    So, nicotene patches and willpower.

  4. Paul N said :

    I gave up cigars and a wonderful pipe after I had a heart attack. Living was a pretty strong incentive to not smoke any longer. I just made up my mind to quit and that was that. I have not smoked in eight years .

  5. The Stinky One said :

    Switched to all natural cigarettes first. Which meant the nicotine level was lower so I weaned off the addiction that way at first, but still got to smoke for a while. Then I gave them up cold turkey and it was easier since I had already weaned myself off the high nicotine content of the non-natural cigs.

  6. nightmusic said :

    I quit at 52 because I had pains in my legs. I knew it was smoking related because it got to the point where as soon as I lit up it started. Then I would lay in bed at night and my legs would just ache. At the end of her life my mother developed problems with her legs and finally could not walk at all. She was in her 80’s at that time and smoking pretty heavily. It seemed odd to me that I was getting it in my 50’s, but I was. It was not hard to quit because I was scared. That motivated me. I quit 2 years ago this January. Last June I had 2 cigarettes. Other than that I’ve been off it. I don’t know how it affected my skin or my appearance. I eat too many refined carbs. That wrecks the skin. I would look better if I cut that out. I’m going to work on that next.

  7. Gnia B said :

    Sure lot’s of times and I’m quitting at the end of the month again because of the tax hike. I quit a year and a half, don’t know why I started up again but it ‘s like my dad always says, they are like a friend . I’m more of an introvert personality so i guess I reflect alot and a smoke to go along what I happen to be pondering seems like half the battle. My car smells, my clothes smell, it is over 100.00 a month in cost, it is inconvenient , you cannot smoke in bars now , so why even smoke? Even after all that , having a smoke on the way to work or just sitting back watching the world go round makes it that much nicer to me. As far as looks … I am 44 and have been smoking full time for about 25 years … and my skin is still pretty smooth and Im told I look younger than i am. It affects different people in different ways.
    Cigarettes are a curse and a salvation so if you are thinking of starting… please don’t . Because you know in time you will have to quit anyway and that is misery . And to pay that much is insane when you add it up through the years. And by the way i am a cold turkey guy. It will suck regardless so why kid yourself with gum?

  8. Bert Weidemeier said :

    I smoked 2-3 packs a day for over 20 years. I went to the doctors one day when I had lost my voice. He told me my blood pressure was high and I needed to stop smoking & drinking coffee.

    I went home and threw out all the cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays, cleaned the house and cleaned the nicotine off of all the windows, and have never touched another cigarette, nor have I had the desire to smoke again. I gave it up on 1/11/00, and haven’t touched one since.

    I drank 6 cups of coffee a day, and haven’t had one since that same day.

    If I was still smoking, I’d probably be spending about $8,500 a year on cigarettes.

  9. Sawman said :

    I quit cold turkey 25 years ago and have never smoked since. I did gain some weight after quitting but I know I’m better off even with the extra weight. The weight gain has been hard to keep off over the years and I have to diet every so often. Fair trade off for clean lungs 🙂

  10. SavvySue said :

    I never started. I understand it is the most powerful addiction. I admire anyone who can beat it! =)

  11. makwa1963 said :

    Yes, I did quit. I had a Dad who had trouble with quitting. The last two years of his life I helped my Mom take care of him as he had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is a horrible way to die. We are all glad he isn’t in pain now. Those two years were hard for all of us. No one should have to die like that! I thank God I don’t smoke anymore and never smoked much to begin with.

  12. ellie said :

    I’m in my mid-forties and I smoked for many years. I quit when I was carrying my son, but when he was 2, my ex-husband and I separated and, motivated by stress, I reached for the cigarettes and started again. I continued to smoke, even when I started running and exercising. Last January, I was ill and couldn’t even try to go outside for a smoke (I never smoked in my house) for three days. By the time I was well enough to go out, I thought “now that’s pretty ridiculous – the physical addiction is gone, so why start again?” and I haven’t had a cigarette since. I’ve had one or two moments when I thought “this is when I would have enjoyed a smoke” but I haven’t felt any cravings or anything – I’ve only ever felt proud of myself for quitting. It was the right time for me to quit, and I was very motivated, so it was actually pretty easy. Being sick as a dog during the time when the cravings are the worst helped considerably.
    I feel that I look better overall, and I think my skin looks clearer, but I still have the beginnings of those little vertical lines around the lips that all smokers have. I hope those will go away.

  13. plenum222 said :

    I gave up by gradually cutting back and getting used to NOT smoking when I really wanted to. Then when I felt like I just had to, I would’nt smoke for a minute or so, then light up. The tactic was to delay, delay, delay satisfying the urge. That went on for a long time. It worked quite well and some folks were surprised upon meeting me to find out that I smoked. I did, but worked it down to less than half a pack a day. I still had palpitating heart (mostly from coffee – which worried me) during the day and nights, too, stinky breath, smelly clothes. I finally almost quit several times, like for a few days after illnesses, that was nice, but felt guilty starting up again, then finally we went home for over two weeks and I said I wasn’t going to let my sister and Mom smell me after smoking, nor my nieces… Smoking really, really stinks, you know? Drink half-caf, half-decaf coffee.

    Maybe it was guilt, but I finally quit, now for a couple years. I sure would like a smoke sometimes, again, but no – it’s not worth it, ever again. Work the habit down to almost nothin’ – then it’s not much to finally give it the boot.


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