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Is it true that when people give up smoking they get ill?

If it is true… is it a good idea to give up when you are ill with a cold? or will you get worse?

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6 Responses to “Is it true that when people give up smoking they get ill?”

  1. stevers1 said :

    Withdrawal symptoms often can feel like a serious illness. It mostly described as a total ache, and a irresistible urge to start smoking again. It is better for your health to give up smoking, even if it makes you feel sick in the short run.

  2. Dim said :

    Totally false. Go ahead and quite anytime. I did quit smoking (and it was HARD), and I did feel pretty crappy, but that’s the price you pay for longer life and better health. Believe me, it is a VERY small price.
    I’ve been smoke-free for about 3 years now, and the difference is unbelieveable. I get sick WAY less often (I haven’t been sick yet all winter – no special precautions, no flu shot… just no smokes). I have more energy. And the cravings are less and less all the time. After the first few months I only had a craving whe I was really stressed. Now, not even stress makes me want a smoke. Sometimes when I’m under pressure I think “Damn, a cigarette wold be great right about now.” Then that tought reaches my gag reflex and I think “Damn, I’m gonna puke my guts out if I light up” and the urge goes away.

    Good luck, and don’t quit quitting.

  3. tia said :

    No thats so untrue , some people think that the ciggs cover up problems you might have already had , now you may cough for a couple of wks, and spit stuff out but the best cure for that is lots of water , it helps thin the mucus and clean the nicotine out of your system. you would be silly to not quit over alittle cough, and end up with cancer, ex smoker and I feel wonderful…

  4. Chuck L said :

    I have tried or attempted to quit smoking in the past and as I remember it, I felt so bad that it scares me to try stopping again which I am supposed to do. I will watch this question with interest maybe, someone will come up with some helpful tips on the with drawl problems.

  5. LT said :

    well when you stop smoking or any doing any drugs, its called withdrawal but you have to go through the symptoms of it since your body was addicted to it in the first place. its a good idea to stop but you probably need supervision from a professional to begin withdrawal.

  6. Norweiginwood420 said :

    no who the hell told you that


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