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Is it true that it’s hard to give up Smoking, or are these people just mentally weak?

i’ve met some people that smoke and say they cant stop. i don’t know if this is comparable at all, cause i dont smoke, but i stopped drinking Coke and Sodas about 1 year ago, after years of drinking them, and i didn’t just by saying. “ok no more”. It was simple, so what’s the difference in giving up smoking.. why can’t they do it..
i’m stupid. “i didn’t by just saying” was actually supposed to be “i did just by saying”

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13 Responses to “Is it true that it’s hard to give up Smoking, or are these people just mentally weak?”

  1. maria said :

    well nicotine makes it addicting so these people who try to quit may get extremely nervous or jumpy without a smoke, but if you show alot of heart and determination then i believe you can quit without any baby excuses

  2. navyhm1983 said :

    People have ginen up heroin and crack but can’t give up cigarettes

  3. angelj16tx said :

    It is really difficult because smoking is ADDICTIVE. Substances can be addictive at different levels, that’s why it’s easier giving up Coke than giving up smoking.

  4. montana_leather_thong said :

    its really mental. you have the urge to smoke and the urge comes really not from a wanting a nicotine but having a cigarette in your mouth and inhale the smoke and just the entire act of smoking. i know , i tried quitting too and i always go back to smoking. it really is a hard habit to break.

  5. Man said :

    Yes it hard and yes they are weak.

    Giving up on something that is hard is the defintion of weakness.

  6. luvouhellen said :

    Well,I can tell you from experience that it was hard to stop smoking for me,I quit in 1998 and I still crave one every now and then. Some people it is easier for them to quit then others.

  7. stessie said :

    The Nicotine in Cigarettes and tar are very addictive and your body goes into a Mental and Physical changes after Smoking for many Years … It does take will power and mental strength to quit …

  8. superstittion13 said :

    yes because of all the drugs that are in it plus are you under age

  9. gabrielle1989 said :

    My father quyted smoking in one second after 25 years of adiction.My boyfriend say that is imposible for him to quit.
    Adiction apears when we make one.I’m adicted to chewing gum,and I didn’t heard of any toxic,or bad substance that create dependence in it.It’s just a feeling,that something’s missing.

  10. brazilianpinkandblackdog said :


  11. double_x_rated said :

    well the way i see it,,either smoke or get fat!

  12. Nancy L said :

    A smoking addiction has been compared to a heroin addiction. You have a physical addiction to the nicotine & also a psychological addiction. The nicotine stays in the body for 7 days after you’ve smoked your last ciggarette. You are still craving the nicotine but you are also mentally (psychologically) addicted to holding the cigarette in your hand, smoking @ certain times of the day, at certain places with certain people and the list goes on. There is very little comparison between smoking & drinking a few cokes a day.

  13. rini_guddi said :

    Smoking is very addictive..they can stop it for few days again they will start smoking again they smoke to get some kinda of pleasure or to forget their prob’s..sodas n coke many ppl. can stop drinking it..its not tht difficult…….if ppl. r mentally strong they can stop it otherwise they cant even my bro have the same prob……..


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