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Tips to give up smoking please help?

My auntie has been told to give up smoking as she has bronchitus and it is highly likely she will have chrones disease if she doesnt , i dont want her to end up like that
i need to give her some tips please help or it could be serious.


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2 Responses to “Tips to give up smoking please help?”

  1. impurrfect10 said :

    Keep her hands busy.. (like keeping a pencil in her hand to “smoke”) I still alwways have a pencil or piece of licorice in my hand.
    Set some rules to make it hard to smoke…e.g. only smoke outside. Go on the computer and play games so her hands are busy. etc
    Some people use welbutin or chandrix to take their cravings away.
    Use self -relaxation techniques (rest and visualize a pleasant place and slowly rest each part of the body

    Gl and btw….smoking does not cause Crohn’s disease. It just doesn’t help it.

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