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Does your body give up when you quit smoking?

I quit smoking about 3 months ago. About one month in I started having one health issue after another. I’ve NEVER had health issues like this before. Between a tooth crumbling, to skin disorders, and female health issues. I just feel not well. I’m wondering if this is because I quit smoking, or if I’m 27 and my body is just done being happy!? If so how long will this last?

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2 Responses to “Does your body give up when you quit smoking?”

  1. Shila said :

    That is normal to feel like we are sick during this period. The only thing we could do is to set our mind to quit smoking.

  2. Gaurav said :

    well these problems have no relations with smoking …… u don’t worry….may be some minor health changes…….the only worst problem u can have… that…u can gain your weight…but that u can control with healthy lifestyle….so …enjoy your life ….you are fit..and fine….even i quit smoking….and i am having my normal life.


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