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Should those who Oppose Global Warming Give Up Smoking Dope in Order to Quit Warming the Earth?

Should Obama how his Hopers take a vow to not smoke dope?
Or would this destroy the Mexican economy and make hispanics who voted for Obama mad?

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9 Responses to “Should those who Oppose Global Warming Give Up Smoking Dope in Order to Quit Warming the Earth?”

  1. Sageandscholar said :

    I haven’t smoked dope since college about 15 years ago.
    Sorry dude – the mindless stereotype may be an easy argument to make – but it is very rarely a valid one.

  2. walru55 said :

    2 points

  3. Chronos said :

    You first.

  4. tweetypotpie1 said :

    Weed normally needs a warm climate to grow, so light up everyone.

    Get rid of a few brain cells and that pesky ozone layer.

  5. Me h said :

    30 years ago we were warned about an ice age coming.

    Now global warming for someone to make some money.

    Since the ice caps are now freezing over again, they are at a cross roads.

    Maybe they figured out the earth goes through cycles.

    Trying to blame the people and make it seem like the people are the cause is not wise. When they send shuttles and rockets through the ozone layer and burn holes it more than anyone.

  6. ka3udr said :

    Yes, Yes, I think you are onto something here.

  7. Ford said :

    That’s funny. It might hurt the Mexican economy, which will be part and parcel to the US economy if the North American Union ever goes through. If it does, I say all you pot head go right on a head, light up, warm the earth, and grow more plants.

    PS Just don’t drive or even come out in public after lighting up.

  8. Who's Your Daddy Now said :

    Stoners arnt out driving around in SUVs.

  9. capitalist said :

    Global Warming is a state run religion to control the masses. They use fear and they offer a solution. For all the Kool-Aid drinkers out there they will run to the government begging for a solution and the government will give them a solution. High taxes, control what they can drive, what they can do, what business can stay open. This of course will not happen over night. They do it little by little so people don’t notice what is really going on.

    The Church of Global Warming
    Prophet-Al Gore and other politicians
    Apostles/saints/members-Hollywood and you
    Sinners who must be saved- Everyone who doesn’t believe
    Scripture-All of the media that is reporting false religious reports to drum up fear. CNN, FOX, CBS,MSNBC etc etc.


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