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HELP.. Giving up smoking! How?

I would like to give up smoking, i recently did the lung tester thing and my lungs come up really high.
For those of you that have successfully given up smoking, please share your stories and give me ideas on how to do this.

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4 Responses to “HELP.. Giving up smoking! How?”

  1. Reem Sassy said :

    i dont smoke but try to chew alot of gum or try chewing something it might keep you away from smoking hope i helped

  2. notyou311 said :
  3. Martin J said :

    On April 19 th this year I was a 40 a day man and had been for over 30 years, On April 20th this year I was a non smoker. How ? Champix tablets, I have’nt smoked since and my lungs are way better, my blood pressure has dropped to something nearing correct and all around I feel better. Some people will say these are too expensive, there not, they work they are a bargain. I was lucky I had no side effects and I know without them I would still be smoking
    try it and good luck

  4. Coffee Lover <3 said :

    Champix tablets! My mom’s boyfriend quit smoking after 25 years. Also drinking alot of water decreases the nicotine levels in your blood, that’s how my grandmother quit smoking.


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