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How can I get the patience to learn guitar?

I really want to learn how to play….But I don’t really have the patience lol


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17 Responses to “How can I get the patience to learn guitar?”

  1. 123 (backup) said:

    LOL. Same here.

  2. Guitars r Good said:

    u just have to stay calm and play at ur own level.

  3. stanleys_2001 said:

    If you were MUSICALLY INCLINED… you won’t need patience…

    You’ll be self-motivated.

  4. Lee G said:

    If you really want to learn, you’ll make yourself have the patience. However, I tried guitar when I was six and I ended up not learning much. Later, I tried piano (not that it’s a cooler instrument) but I was more ready to learn then. So, it’s up to you when you get the patience. Or, you could just try to put your hands on the guitar on chord you see other guitarists playing in pictures in magazines. That’s how Jerry Garcia did it… he looked at Elvis pics.

  5. Leafs_rule said:

    trust me it can be hard to learn but just keep add it, also if your learning, make sure you know chords VERY VERY important as a guitar player, more important then tabs

  6. B.J. said:

    What I would do is get a teacher, because trust me you’ll learn much faster, and he can pinpoint mistakes that are common for most beginners, that you can’t see for yourself.

    But if you really want to learn by yourself, go to the Guitar Center and pick up beginner books. I’d get this book called “Guitar 1” by Hal Leonard, “The Total Rock Guitarist” by Alfred, or “Ultimate Guitar Technique” by Hal Leonard.

    Read through, and practice like 20 or 30 minutes a day. I’d start with the Guitar 1 book because it’s easier to understand, and it’ll teach you what you need to know like…

    – Basic songs
    – Chords
    – Scales
    – Power chords
    – Appregated chords
    – Strum patterns

    The Total Rock Guitarist and Ultimate Guitar Technique books will teach you more intermediate to advanced things like:

    – Slash, and suspended chords
    – Pentatonic scales
    – Vibrato
    – Hammer ons, pull offs
    – Bends
    – Alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, etc.

    Anyways, basically what you should be doing since you’re learning is learn basic songs, chords, scales, etc. If you want to be a lead guitarist that does mindblowing solos, learn alternate picking, bends, vibrato, pentatonic scales, etc.

    You can go online and look up chords like… C, D, G, A, E, C7, Em, A7, Am, Dm, D7, Am7, etc.

    Go on

    Oh, and Kyle, whatever you do, keep the timing right! You’ll sound a mess if you don’t. Learn the timing notes like quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, etc. Know the time measures (4/4, 6/8, 2/4, etc.), the basic way to count (1234/1&2&/etc.).
    Get gear like…

    – Cleaning cloth
    – Tuner
    – Strings
    – Picks
    – Cables
    – Capo
    – Metronome
    (these things are inexpensive)

    Email me if you have more questions 😀

    But really, ask it again in Performing Arts!

  7. Callum Bacdafucup said:

    I guess all you can do is persevere

  8. Tom Foolery said:

    Set aside a time every day to learn guitar. It can be as little as 20 minutes, as long as you keep up with it.

    There are vast resources online for learing the stuff you want to learn.

    Explore the music you love and you will find the desire to learn.

    Here are some resources I use; (transpose feature is nice)

  9. Aldo said:

    baby steps.

    Only play 20 mins to a half hour a day. If you do it longer than that, you are just going to get frstrated and when you see a guitar you will think “eugh”.

    but if you stop after 20 mins when its still fun, you will have the urge to still want to play it.

    learn basic Chords. G, D, C, A, E, Em, Am, F. If you know those, you can play just about any song with chords lol.

    stick with it.

  10. (: letdown said:

    keep playing til your fingers fcuking burn. LOL, thats how i learned. and be determined to learn something new 🙂

  11. less than three <3 (4) said:

    oh em gee ur just like me!! i got a guitar, and lessons, and did it for about 2-3 months and i just wasn’t iproving and it was still too hard. since i am a very impatient person, I ended up quitting and decided to stick with my piano and the ol’ voice.

  12. Chat said:

    Yeah it can be pretty frustrating. I wound up giving my guitars away to my brother who wound up selling them. Anyway, I’m gonna keep trying with a new guitar eventually…I don’t have much patience

  13. Sal said:

    Haha I tryed once… I lack patience and musical talent… uhm try heroin?

  14. I love Paulie! (McCartney) ♥ said:

    You can do it. You’ll hate it for the first 6 months but after learning songs you actually like instead of little kid songs, you’ll love it!

  15. LucasMan said:

    Well maybe you don’t actually want to learn how to play that bad.

  16. Wowomg said:

    You aren’t going to become a good musician if you don’t even want to play an instrument.

  17. ddrum said:

    When I first started playing my instructor told me the same thing Aldo said, stop after 20 minutes. Also an instructor is a good idea. I found that even when I wanted to pick up the 360 controller rather than the guitar I would think about how I wouldn’t be showing any progress at my next lesson. It motivates you to practice because you know you have to sit in front of that person next week and perform.


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