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How can I learn to play songs on the guitar without the tab or notes?

I can play guitar well, I’ve just never had a good ear of listening to the chords in songs and figuring them out. I’d love to to that, but I have no idea what to do or where to start. Any tips?

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4 Responses to “How can I learn to play songs on the guitar without the tab or notes?”

  1. Gone said :

    Magically figure out the chords on a guitar yourself. It would be easier to learn songs with single picking.

    Try to learn nirvana – come as you are (just the intro) by ear
    its played on the 6 &5th string on the 1st & 2nd fret

    then try to move on to the beginning of ac/dc – big balls
    its played on the 5th &4th strings until you start playing chords and figure out the rest

    these are very easy to play on the guitar and you will have better luck trying these on for size without learning chords or looking at music on paper.

  2. ozzymrjack said :

    well you dont really need a good ear you can just listen to it over and over again and improvise or just watch videos on youtube of ppl playing the song and just copy them

  3. Birds of Prey said :

    It helps alot if you have a good ear for music. I myself do have, after I trained myself to hear the notes of course, and learned it pretty easy. But people who do not have a good ear, as you’ve stated, find it more difficult.

    Before you hear the chords of a song to figure them out, you need to develop you ‘ear’. This is where the sound you hear is able to be compared to another. It involves pitch and tone and is the basis for figuring out chords easily.

    I quote my music/guitar teacher when I say you need to sharpen your sense of hearing so that you are able to pick notes and play them easy. This takes lots of time and practice. Take a piece of music and repeat it over and over until you have figured out the chords. Sometimes you need someone else there that can tell you if it is correct or not. i.e. someone with an attuned ear, such as a music teacher.

    Then choose another song and do the same. Keep practicing and you will gradually improve your ‘ear’. Then try doing a song you want to, by yourself without your tutor.

    I know it’s wierd, but you have to train your ear to hear the notes correctly and pin-point the sounds accurately. It’s easier if you learn at a younger age. So the sooner the better.

    Also the type of song you choose to start needs to be something easy to hear like Wonderwall, or Proud Mary. Something older with a three chord special or a simple riff could also help you develop the ‘ear’.

    Another thing, most heavy metal or synthesized songs are much harder to work with and should only be attempted when your ‘ear’ has been attuned. Even then, I find it hard, so you may need to go online and find tabs.

    Good luck!

  4. kabum said :

    There is a ton of info on the net about ear training. Just Google

    Ear training

    for the results. Not all of these are product sites… just keep reading.

    Good Luck!



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