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How can I learn to play the guitar without classes?

I’d love to play the guitar, and I got an acoustic for christmas but my brother sucks at teaching and I dont have time for lessons.
Any other easy or fast way to learn how to play it?
Im hispanic, so notes for me arent A,B,C,etc

their do, re, mi, fa, etc

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10 Responses to “How can I learn to play the guitar without classes?”

  1. zach_witt said :

    check youtube for videos

    or just practice…eric clapton is self taught and look how he turned out

  2. anonymous said :

    Guitar hero

  3. WWJD? said :

    just keep practicing and look for lessons on youtube………use for learing to play songs. Or just go to the library, mine has alot of instructional booklets. Goodluck.

  4. Carly G said :

    there’s a lot of good things to help you on the internet. That’s how i learned. I googled how to learn to play the guitar and many helpful sites came up. Also, you can go to a library or bookstore and buy a book on it. There’s many how to teach yourself guitar books. I hope that i could help.

  5. Liam B said :

    I taught myself without ANY lessons and I go out and play paid gigs. All I really did was listen to songs, dig out tabs and play along, i led me to just start writing my own stuff. Pretty neat stuff. I love guitar and singing. I do both. So… But ya just take tabs and pla with songs.

  6. papercut_star said :

    get some books about guitar stuff
    and surf the net [eg youtube] for guitar vids
    or go to for tabs and lessons.

    you can also google online guitar lessons..etc..

  7. teddubki said :

    Try going onto Youtube and typing in beginner guitar lessons 🙂

  8. watchamakalit_beibe said :

    I learned to play guitar without any classes though I was just fortunate that my dad and cousins know how to play the guitar so me and my siblings always had someone to ask. I would suggest you try to play a song with simple cords. The very first song I leaned to play the guitar with was “leaving on a jet plane’ by John Denver, dunno if you’ve heard the song. Try to listen to the music first then learn the chords then strum it. When you say nothing at all’s chords is also simple.

    Good luck…
    I haven’t played the guitar for quite sometime now but I’m glad I did learn how to play it.

  9. guitarpicker56 said :

    Buy a beginner’s guitar method book, such as Hal Leonard’s Beginner’s Method #1. Inside are instructions on tuning, chord formations, and basic music theory. You might find one authored in Spanish.

    Buy a chord book listing at least 2,500 of them that have the music notation shown for the positions covered. Learn and memorize them.

    Be persistent, have patience, and don’t be queasy at the sore fingertips. All guitar players have to do this.

    There is no fast way to learn to play unless you’re a natural guitar genius to begin with.

  10. radrian2004 said :

    There’s no “easy or fast way to learn” to play the guitar. Get a good guitar self-instruction book such as one from “Mel Bay” or “Hal Leonard.” Follow the exercises and practice, practice, practice.

    Also, try to hang around other guitar player your own age and skill level (or a little better) if you can. You can pick up little tricks and tips from them.

    Don’t worry about the names of notes; do=C, re=D, mi=E, fa=F, sol=G, la=A, and ti=B.


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