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Guitar help. What is the most effective way to learn guitar properly.?

So i’m currently learning to play the guitar, and although i am okay at it and have been playing for a while, i want to know what’d be best to do to learn quickly and more effectively. Learning songs one at a time doesn’t exactly help, so i wouldn’t suggest that. Should i practice scales etc?
Any links that’d help would aslo REALLY be appreciated, thanks.
Try and break it down as much as possible for me please 😉

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2 Responses to “Guitar help. What is the most effective way to learn guitar properly.?”

  1. Pierre said :

    when i started i had a music teacher for about a year but then gave up on the lessons and learned on my own so that i can go my own speed of learning. i use sites like youtube and
    you’ll see it’ll go well

  2. Rory M~Where Is My Mind said :

    The very best when is with a private instructor
    The second best is with a class instructor
    The third best way is to play with musicians who will help you improve
    The fourth best way is to learn on your own from books etc.


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