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I want to learn to play guitar but I can’t afford lessons?

What’s the best alternative? Like DVDs or books or computer things? Looking for something specific.

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6 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar but I can’t afford lessons?”

  1. Beware said :

    Its really easy to learn guitar by yourself without lessons, dvds or book although they definitely help and you will want them if you want to take it to the next level. Just check out videos on youtube is the best place to start and has some good lessons as well as tabs.

  2. David said :

    There are TONS of free stuff on the internet on how to learn how to play the guitar. YouTube may be your best bet, you’ll have to poke around for a while, but there should be some GREAT videos on YouTube to help you start playing guitar.

    I’ve been playing since the 70s, and finding the right methodology or teacher is a personal preference of what way is the easiest to learn with. If you do a Google search on “How to play guitar” you’ll find TONS of stuff. The guitar is the most played instrument in the world now.

    Also got to your local music store, find the most versitile guitar player that works there, tell him what, how and why you want to learn and he should be able to help you. Lots of GREAT books and DVDs with Books out now. Wish they would have had those when I started playing…….

    Good luck!

  3. just4a2nd said :

    you tube has all sorts of beginner lessons for free!

  4. darkknight47 said :

    If you know someone (anyone) who knows how to play, get them to teach you the basics, including reading tablature. Then once you know how to play, at least a little bit, start learning on your own. The way I got good was I would practice every day for at least 4 to 6 hours after school. I also looked up videos and tabs for the songs I wanted to learn and played it over and over again until I could play it effortlessly.
    Basically, just play and play and play until you can’t play anymore.
    That’s how I did it. And that’s how a lot of my friends did it. And that’s how a lot of great guitarists did it.
    I hope you do well 🙂

  5. Happywolf said :

    I Am learning guitar right now and I say just get a book on cords and (or) finger picking and your set. it is really quite easy to teach yourself and you may want to ask your friends that are playing any questions you might have.

  6. Torbjorn said :

    I agree that there are tons of free and great information and tutorials out there … and there are also tons of free rubbish… Main point is this: How shall a beginner be able to know which is which?

    Furthermore, what lacks in these free sources – which usually end up as giant time wasters leading nowhere, and eventually to frustration – is a set progression, focus, schedules and feedback. A teacher will of definitely give you all of this and more, but there’s the cost issue which you mention.

    The second best thing in my opinion is one of the better online courses out there. Some are rather expensive, while others are far from it. A very good and very reasonably priced one is Guitar Success:

    When you have acquired the basic skills you may begin to supplement this or other learning tools with free stuff from Youtube and other sources. At that point it is definitely a totally viable option, as long as you can pick out the good and worthwhile stuff which will be suitable for your current level and interests.


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