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Can you learn to play guitar on an electric guitar?

Looking to learn to play an instrument, thought guitar was a good choice. I know nothing about them currently, was wondering if you can start out using an electric guitar, or get a hollow guitar. Also, any recommendations on cheap, but viable guitars?

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2 Responses to “Can you learn to play guitar on an electric guitar?”

  1. Norm Jones said :

    Hello there,

    You can learn to play on either an acoustic or an electric guitar. They play the same. Some folks believe you should start with an acoustic. Others say the electric is easier to play and you should start with that. There are good and bad points in the arguments made by both sides.

    My own opinion is you should start with whichever you want to play most. If your interest is primarily in electric guitar, you should start with it.

    I also believe you should start with a used guitar because you can get a higher quality guitar for the same amount of money you would spend on a new guitar. Check your local want ads, Craigslist and eBay for good deals. Smaller guitar shops tend to have more used guitars than the big chain stores. You can sometimes find a decent starter guitar in a pawn shop.

    If you want an acoustic, Takamine Jasime is good. So are Fender Squier. There are lots of good starter guitars. But those are 2 of the less expensive ones that are decent.

    If you want an electric. Chose between the 2 main styles Les Paul or Stratocaster. If you want a Les Paul style guitar, Epiphone is the best of the cheaper ones. If you want a Strat, you have more choices. Fender Squier is all right. I like the Squier Standard a lot better than the Bullet and Affinity series. Ibanez makes a cheap Strat type guitar. Peavey does also. Any of those would be decent starter guitars.

    One thing to remember with the electric, is that you need a decent amp. Most beginners underestimate the importance of the amp and speakers. You will only sound as good as your amp and speakers. Get a decent one. Find a used 1×12 (or 2×12) combo amp. A combo is where the amplifier and speaker is in the same cabinet. The 1×12 means it has one 12 inch speaker. Look for the best deal you can find on a Fender, Vox, Peavey,Create, Marshall or Line 6. A used 1×12 combo from any of those will be good.


  2. Kyle Gibson said :

    There is nothing wrong with learning on an electric. Everything is the same as far as where your fingers go. From personal experience I would lean on an acoustic because the action is usually a little higher so you have to strengthen your hands a little more to make the chords. Whereas the action on the electric is pretty close to the fretboard so it is easier to push down. So, while it may be easier physically to learn on the electric, if you have the strength for the acoustic it should translate to the electric.

    Also, with an acoustic you have an instrument ready to go that can be played anywhere. With electric you need an amp, and amps need electricity. But, none of that means that you cannot still lean on the electric guitar.


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