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How can I learn to play guitar?

I want to learn to play the acoustic guitar. And I want to know does anyone have any suggestions where I can learn like online, or like any youtube videos? Anything that is easy for me to learn to play acoustic guitar? Ok Thanks!

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3 Responses to “How can I learn to play guitar?”

  1. profisher101 said :

    hey ive played guitar 4 like 3 years now. n i have only done about 8 guitar lessons, u can always juz buy a book n teach urself like i did. try it gives u lessons on basically anything u want n it has heaps of tabs you can play on guitar in so many formats, i really cant think of a song they dont have. anyway its a great place no need 4 actual lessons i know heaps of ppl that r great at guitar n never done a lesson b4. so good luck!

  2. miguel_hernandez477 said :

    You can try getting guitar pro 5.2 from and downloading some of your favorite songs to learn from Once you download the guitar pro format tab open it on guitar pro and there should be numbers representing the frets on the guitar and what string they’re played on. It comes with a visual guitar fretboard too so you can see how you actually play it.

  3. donjacobs2 said :

    Yeah acoustic. Way better to learn on than electric. YouTube has a few things on just search for “learn guitar” most of the vids are for electric but heh just look and learn.

    There are loads of online courses – again most are focused on electrics – but I used this one which was really good for me.

    I found it reasonably priced (only $40). It’s got loads of videos and a big manual plus some extra free stuff like tuning software and metronome. But the big thing for me was teh jam tracks where you get to play along to a backing track – really helped me improve.

    Other useful stuff:

    The Guitar Handbook at Amazon:
    Brilliant book. Check it out and the reviews.

    Also when your fingertips start to hurt from fretting the strings – ‘cos they will – soak them for about five minutes a night in white spirit or vodka (which is really rock ‘n’ roll). It’ll help toughen them up.

    Best of luck


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