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How can I learn to play guitar better?

I have 2 years playing now and I still want to play like a freaking professional! I know all my spanish tabs but I want to know more!! I can’t help it! I love playing my guitar…but I must learn more!! Can anyone tell me what sites, books, etc.? Anything will help Thank you.

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5 Responses to “How can I learn to play guitar better?”

  1. V4zCeNt said:


    Perhaps get more in depth with music theory:

    There is a lot of stuff at UG too:

    Just keep learning. Learn new scales, new chords, more theory, or learn songs that are harder than any you’ve played before. I don’t know if you’re an electric player, but if you are there are a ton of things to learn (same goes for acoustic too I guess). Learn pinch harmonics, sweep picking, basically the tools shredders use. You said Spanish tabs, so I wonder if you play acoustic/classical.

    A hard Spanish piece can be found here:

    It’s quite hard at full speed.

  2. lexo80 said:

    It really depends on what you want to learn to be better at playing.

    If you want to learn to play jazz, then you need to learn to read music properly. Tabs will not help you, as most jazz theory books are not written for guitar players (guitar being generally considered a second-class instrument in jazz). The best jazz books I have come across are Mark Levine’s ‘The Jazz Theory Book’, published by Chuck Sher, and Jamey Aebersold’s series of playalong theory books, which include CDs with backing tracks of jazz tunes played by good players for you to practice along to, following the musical examples in the book.

    If you want to learn rock, the traditional and in many ways still the best way is to do it by ear.

    If you want to become a better classical player…I can’t help you.

  3. Tinman G said:

    go online to (alternative guitar tunings) and if your not into advanced style of playing then put it down and pick the flute

  4. a2422894 said:

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