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How can I learn to play guitar online ?

Any good dvds that i can purchase to learn acoustic guitar so i can play melaguena salerosa on it * my fav song lol * I am new at this so give me something that has details

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6 Responses to “How can I learn to play guitar online ?”

  1. !qwvq said:

    i learn on youtube

  2. cammy said:

    I find that learning from videos can be a bit problematic, What i tend to do is if i want to learn a song then il search for the tab online usually from Ultimate Guitar or 911 tabs. Once i have the tab in front of me i then play through it very slowly, but consistantly which is the important thing when learning. Over say the course of a week, playing for an hour or two a day id build the speed up to full pace and i can play whatever it is no problem with zero mistakes. When it comes to chords you just have to spend plenty time working out the shapes and practice the transition until it comes flawlessly. But remember that if you miss a note or muck something up, instead of replaying it, slow it down until you can play it smoothly and work it up. This method works great for me and i find myself being able to play almost anything and once you build up your general skill it will take much less time to learn a particular song. However, this method has one big flaw which is that you dont learn music properly but my personal solution to that is to learn the theory of music (i had it after years of playing clarinet) and it wasnt a huge amount of hassle for figuring out what notes were where. And chords, i am still figuring that one out. But honestly, i have learnt to play the guitar really quite easily without the need for DVD’s and personally just from looking at videos on youtube i dont find them much use. Its all about practice. One last thing that helped me out allot was learning (pentatonic) scales, they helped me get a much better feel for the guitar and also opened doors to such things as improvisation. So what you produce during improvisation is not simply a load of jumbled up notes
    Anyway hope that helped

  3. hexv said:

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.

  4. Kab said:

    A DVD usually has no more than 90 minutes of instruction.
    That is about the same as 3 private lessons.
    Don’t expect to learn melaguena in 90 minutes
    Get together with a guitar playing friend every chance you get, or find a teacher or class.

  5. avdeuph said:

    Private lessons are always the best choice for learning, and you can take them online!

    Using Skype and a good microphone you can take from instructors online. If you’d like some contact information, check out my site and email me about it:

  6. Skin that flick shes such lil DJ said:

    alot of people i see here post things such as ”i taught myself piano its easy”
    let me say any instrument is easy (&these are most likely the ramblings of people who have only played guitar a few months), but to properly play it & understand what the heck your doing (this helps your creative process when writing your own stuff or just in general) is another different matter.
    i could be taught to recite out 10 basic piano tunes, but give me the likes of Mozarts music & ask me to use certain techniques that are heard on piano. i would fail (as would all the people claiming ”its easy” on their respective instruments)

    the problem with teaching yourself guitar (or any instrument) is that alot of people give up they get frustrated. (supposedly 90% of self taught musicians quit)
    also alot of people can ”play” guitar, ie bang out a few songs & intros eg starirway to heaven. But there is a notable difference heard between a self-taught guitarist playing a song & a trained guitarist.
    guitarists are a dime a dozen, everybody plays guitar (heck i play guitar) however a decent guitarist is hard to find this is where you can benifit from lessons as most people don’t take lessons.

    Lessons are definitely a great idea, a teacher can show you techniques & correct you. i still get corrected over things i do at my lessons.
    alot of the internet resources aren’t that great, again it is alot of amateurs with bad technique posting who started out similar to you, or looking to make a quick buck.

    every music autobiography i have read (& i read quite a fair bit of them as i LOVE music) the guitarist/any instrument, has gotten lessons at some point.
    there are a rare few virtuoso (ie talented) people who didn’t get lessons but even at that they start practicing with other people who have got lessons & learn off them.
    As somebody said those ”guitar for dummies” are great, however that is as a side tool to reference to. not to just teach yourself, at a glance you learn the basics but when you study those books they can get quite complicated & a teacher can clear any questions you have.
    a teacher also encourages you to practice & gives you set goals.
    Don’t get me wrong you can learn by yourself but if you are in any way serious about wanting to play music & want to get to a good level, i’d DEFINITELY suggest lessons. Also alot of people seem to start their music career out on guitar as it is such a famous instrument & lots of people own guitars in some form. Don’t be suprised if you feel like quitting guitar because everybody plays it after a few months it happens to alot of people, it doesn’t mean you aren’t musically talented.

    PS try not to ask people to give you the chords to a song, its better if you can work them out yourself it creates an ear for certain notes. however make sure what you are playing is correct.
    PPS: i read here an answer off somebody who was in a music college, she roughly said ”the teachers would cringe when they heard that a new ‘self-taught’ musician was coming to the colllege, because the teachers all knew he/she would have to be retaught due to them having bad technique”

    Rory Gallagher- Walk On Hot Coals (ROCK, the 5 minute solo isn’t as good as the ”irish tour” solo, but jesus christ this rules & it highlights the bands chemistry)

    ”Rory’s death really upset me. I heard about it just before we went on stage, and it put a damper on the evening” Jimmy Page (Led Zep)


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