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How can i learn to play guitar fast!!!?

I need to learn to play guitar fast!!

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8 Responses to “How can i learn to play guitar fast!!!?”

  1. J.J H said:


  2. Alex Massacre said:

    Dude its not easy to learn
    Get a privet teacher..

  3. Singergrl said:

    I play guitar and i guess i picked up sum stuff pretty quickly. but when you say fast how fast do you mean? A day? or is there a specific song you need to learn if so youtube might help you. But it will help if you already know how to read music and maybe u can start taking lessons and then you’ll be playing in no time!


    go to your local guitar center store and ask about private teachers within the area. The teacher will show you the basics of the guitar and then start teaching u some songs

  5. Mar said:

    Get a teacher. Learn music theory and some technique fundamentals. Practice a LOT.

  6. stef static said:

    Guitar Tabs, they tell you where to put your fingers for songs and stuff it’s really easy

  7. paultimate14 said:

    Get two guitars-A practice one and one that sounds good. The practice one has to be an acoustic that is as difficult to play as possible. It helps if it stays in tune, so you have less time tuning and more time practicing. Use the highest gauge strings you can find. This guitar should have really high action, so that it is really hard to press your fingers against the fingerboard. This will help build your finger strength more quickly. Just play every note you can over and over again. As for the other guitar, just get whatever you want that sounds good. Go to Ultimate-guitar for tabs, because its the only site that is legal that I know of. Music theory will come with lessons, but it is optional.

  8. ♫Alex♫ said:

    first of all it takes A LOT of time to learn.
    you can rush it.
    Evn if you wanted to u cant.

    But i guess like watch videos?
    i mean i dont know…thats just an idea

    Also, dont use tabs. There just proof u cant play guitar. I do it by ear, learn that way, usually comes out more acurate


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