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How do I learn to play the guitar?

I really want to learn to play the guitar but I can’t afford guitar lessons and i don’t learn from reading books about how to play the guitar. How do I learn to play it?

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6 Responses to “How do I learn to play the guitar?”

  1. Gumpy said:

    with a nut sack. just rub it all over, and youll learn

  2. recyclingthelove said:

    look on youtube. some people post videos on how to play.

  3. Dave B said:

    You’ll be pleased to know it ain’t rocket science.
    I made a living for 25 years playing guitar. So, it couldn’t be that hard.
    One thing I did was get a close friend interested in it with me and we would spend hours showing each other new stuff we would stumble upon.

    It’s like everything in life. The more you mess with, the better you get.

    I might add, I’m still learning after all those gigs.

  4. Thomas G said:

    Pick it up, don’t put it down. Learn the rhythm, melody. Study chords, scales, and modes. Read magazines and buy metal records. After all that, never give up.

  5. guitar girl said:

    Guitar lessons can be very expensive, which is why I opted for DVD guitar lessons. I experienced much more success using the DVDs than I did with an instructor so now I am a big advocate for DVD guitar lessons. Any amount of money may seem like a lot but I cannot stress enough how beneficial metal method’s instructional DVDs were for me. They are less expensive than the majority of the lessons out there and way better in content and quality. You can also check out their online forum and get tips there. If you’re interested in spending a little bit of money you should check out because they have a good discount on the complete basic course (which is what gave me my guitar playing foundation). If you don’t want to spend that much money check out metal methods page at and maybe just buy Stage 1 and 2 of the course to get you started on your way. You won’t regret it!

  6. Mrs. McCartney 4 Eva ☮ said:

    when you find out, tell me…i would really like to know how to play too..

    i guess if you hava friend that knows how, you could ask them =)


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