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How can I quickly learn guitar?

Hi, how can I learn guitar without having to pay for lessons? Youtube is very unorganized…. Could someone post a link? Also I am in band and a few guys play guitar. Should I (also) ask them for some help occasionally? My sister’s boyfriend who sold me the guitar is going to help me, but I can hardly ever hook up with him. Also my friends and I want to start a band soon, that’s why I need to learn it quickly.

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11 Responses to “How can I quickly learn guitar?”

  1. Swank said:

    play rockband

  2. Allie said:

    sure i did it. it just depends on how much time u dedicate.

  3. Rawr said:

    ummm go to youtube and i think they might have some guitar lessons for you…idk…but the best suggestion would be for you to take lessons cause that’s the easiest and quickest way to learn.

  4. mr.moviestar said:

    there are no quick to learn strategies for playing the guitar it takes practice and lessons to learn how too

  5. Peter said:

    Practice my friend. I was thinking the exact same thing 2 years ago when I started and now I’m 14 and (I don’t think I’m amazing) but I’m decent.

  6. J U L E S said:

    hey ive been trying to start playing guitar too
    i started using this guys video (start from the first lessons) and i thought they were pretty good i just learn chords now cuz you can play so many songs with a few chords
    good luck with the band!

  7. Jonah said:

    Get a teach yourself book from a music store. Then practice. That’s what I did.

  8. Bria D said:

    My uncle just bought the book Guitar for Dummies. And he practiced for a lot of hours everyday. He learned fairly quickly. It just takes patience and a lot of hardcore practice.

  9. dethmetalhed said:

    you can’t really learn quickly, it takes time, practice, patience and you gotta love it, watch guitar covers, use lessons if the person whose giving the lesson is using the right tabs and don’t fucking give up, its really rewarding when you get better.

  10. Dan S said:

    You should post this to members at, its a community for guitarists and you can link up with a lot of people trying to learn guitar.

  11. Royal said:

    Dear Mr. Hodge:Your articles are the BEST that can be found in the net to gautir learnersI’m a completely begginner too, and as Greg (3), I’m old. I will follow your articles. but I just wanted to say thank you. a smile from europe


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