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how can i teach my belgian malinois dog personally the basic obedience?

i want to learn my dog the basic obedience command.

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6 Responses to “how can i teach my belgian malinois dog personally the basic obedience?”

  1. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫ said :

    Your best bet is to get a book that tells and shows you how to teach basic commands. Its not really something that can be taught in a little answer here, as there are several commands, and each one has steps.

    Go to your library, bookstore or petshop to look for a book.

  2. jmann205 said :

    most malinois’ only respond to certain languages they don’t really understand english. they only respond to german. you’ll have to learn the german commands first.

  3. lovingmygoldens said :

    As an instructor who does both group lessons and private lessons, I would recommend taking your dog to an obedience class. Not only do you get a structured class, but your dog gets used to other people and dogs (called socialization) which is very important. Look for a local dog club or training facility – your vet will probably have some references. Good luck! Belgian Malinois are incredibly smart dogs, which means that you must give them a job or they will find one for themselves – which is usually not a good thing!!

  4. Susan Smith said :

    I like clicker training because it is very positive. Here is a video that demonstrates how to start this training.

  5. Stacy E said :

    I hope you don’t believe that malinois only speak German. The malinois are sorta phasing out the German Shepard’s for the working police dogs. They are smaller, strong, just as intense and they seem to not have as many hip problems. They are a working breed, I’m sure you have done your research on the breed yourself but incase you haven’t its a good idea to know what your dog was bred for, it can give you a better understand of why he/she may act or do certain things. A dog is a dog but the breed does also play apart. Malinois are capable of having incredible obedience. High strung though so the more boundaries and things you teach him the better. His mind wants alway to work.
    There are all kinds of obedience training books you can read. There are even “for dummies” versions. I’m not implying anything just saying there are tones of books.
    A dog usually chooses it’s reward system on his own. It maybe toys that he loves, fetch, tug a war, pets and pats, food.
    It would probably be easier to learn out of book then for me to try and explain. However here are some tools and things to remember.
    The come command is the probably the most important command. Never punish your dog for coming to you even if you are calling him because you want him to get out of the garbage!!!!
    Repeating a command is like nagging. Pretty soon your dog will think that the command is sit sit sit, instead of just sit.
    Rewards even if he doesn’t do it with out help…even if you have to physically push his butt to the floor to put him in the sit position. You still reward him. He’s in the position you asked for! Soon he’ll recognize relationship between the word and the position and reward.
    Punishments don’t work.. You have less than 3 seconds to correct a behavior if you want your dog to understand. If you miss the opportunity to correct him within 3 seconds you missed out wait for and be ready for the next one.
    Corrections with directions. I don’t want you do this I want you to do that. Pop on the leash I don’t want you to pull I want you to heel. Corrections should be active…as light as possible and as firm as necessary. Always starting with the lightest active correction first.
    Anticipate bad behavior and stop it before it happens. If you think your dog is going to bark when you get to the corner of the street because of another dog then get his attention. The more you make your dogs life about you the happy you and your dog will be. Its not selfish to tell you dog “pay attention to me!” of course when he does you reward him so he always likes paying attention to you. Body language is another thing… you don’t have to be a drill sergeant but you can’t be a marshmallow all bent over cowering as they would think of it and expect that they feel you are an adequate leader. Most dogs are not alpha’s they want stable healthy leadership. Its important to be rational, forgiving, and consistent. Good luck!!!

  6. Honeybelle said :

    I came across this webpage recently and having owned Belgian Shepherds in the past – Groenendaels – I thought it was very well written and correct.

    I have a nearly 6 month old Belgian Shepherd Malinois currently, Bronson. He has attended Puppy Preschool; and is attending Puppy classes at the local dog obedience club. Next month he goes into the big dog classes where the real training begins.

    Both of these were great, my main reason for attending them was socialisation as I have actually trained 2 dogs for Obedience trialling in the past (my Groenies). I was also an Obedience Instructor for the local dog club where I used to live.

    It is really great to get out and train your dog among other dogs as they will learn to ignore distractions and concentrate on you. Also you will learn how to train your dog and will be told if you are making any errors with how you are working with your dog.


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