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What do most basic dog obedience classes teach? What do the trainers at petsmart teach your dog?

Are the classes worth the money or is it stuff that I can teach them myself?

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7 Responses to “What do most basic dog obedience classes teach? What do the trainers at petsmart teach your dog?”

  1. S. M. said :

    Its kinda worth it. They teach you (or the dog) sit, paw, roll over, bang bang your dead, stay, leave it, come here. And a few others. It was fun.

  2. dartass224 said :

    petsmart is not a good place to be training a dog. a tiny space inside a big busy store with a less then qualified trainer.

    If you have a puppy then yes puppy classes are a must. They are great socialization; they teach you how to train and your puppy how to learn.

    If you have an adult dog you can do things at home with them but if you are having trouble or feel you want better direction I highly recommend getting into a class. They will teach the basics(sit, down, stay) and loose leash walking.

  3. cassie happy birthday Iggy! said :

    obedience is always worth it
    a great way to socialize.
    even if your dog is trained great. I always think obedience is good. it definitely cant hurt!

    I would take any chance I could to socialize a pup

  4. Corn is not dog food! No wheat! said :

    Classes teach you how to teach the dog.
    I think they’re very helpful to someone who’s never owned/trained a dog before.

    That said:
    You can get a book or video from the library and do the same thing at home.

    I don’t like Petsmart.
    They use positive reinforcement training, which is great, but it takes practice to do properly. New dog owners with an inexperienced dog may be frusterated by the learning process.
    It also takes longer to teach “basic manners”.
    Some dogs are freaked out by being in the “fish bowl” of that little arena in the stores.
    Petsmart doesn’t train their employees properly. You could be getting incorrect advise/information. You could actually do more harm than good with a bad/inexperienced/stupid trainer.

    I MUCH prefer “The Monks of New Skeet”. Their books are available at the library.

    Seek private trainers if you want to go that route. It’s not as expensive as it seems, and you get “hands on” training without the distraction and stress of other (stranger) dogs.

  5. Linda_Doxiegal said :

    Anyone can get a basic dog obedience book and teach their dog themselves.

    BUT…… the real benefit of any class is that the instructor is teaching YOU how to train your pet correctly, Also, they offer sound advice and feedback on what you are going correctly as well as IN-correctly. Also, you have a set day to go to class. You’ve paid your $100 for 8 weeks and that is a great incentive to actually do the work of training. So many people do not realise that you can NOT take an 8 week course and only “train” your dog during that evening’s class. PRACTICE, practice, practice in short sessions are a key to success. And, having a class to attend, people to meet and bounce ideas off of is invaluable. I started doing dog performance events; that grew out of attending a single obedience course with my 1st dog over 10 years ago. I’ve been in classes constantly since that time doing clicker-training, tricks, dog agility, rally, earthdog, field trials….. Great Fun!! and you get to do this with your furry friends!!

  6. alyson_oz80 said :

    Ive had my 10 month old lab in obedience for 6 months now. Its great. Its not just for them, u learn something new every time ur there. My out of control lab is now becoming in control (he`s not totally there yet) He gets better every week. Its totally worth it for both of you.

  7. ♥willow♥ said :

    I LOVED the petsmart classes. If there was a store in my area now, I would still be going. We had an amazing trainer. My yorkie loved Pearl and I learned a lot from her. The classes really teach you more than the dog. And then you go home and practice what the trainer has shown you.

    Sure, the training aspect I’m sure you can get from reading a book, but the ability to socialize your dog in a controled environment with a trainer there telling you how to act is a great experience. My dog met many many strange dogs and people. He was able to get over his slight fear of loud noises. We went every Tuesday for 20 weeks (two different classes and then a private session thing with my trainer – that she never charged me for) and when we got ready to go every Tuesday evening my dog knew exactly where we were going and was very excited about it.


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