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How can I train my dog to stop grabbing stuff off the kitchen counter?

My dog gets stuff off the counter when I am not home and chews it up. I have never been able to catch her in the act because she only does it when I am not there. Is there are way to train her not to do this? I try to keep things out of her reach but I am becoming more and more amazed as to what she can get. Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “How can I train my dog to stop grabbing stuff off the kitchen counter?”

  1. Emilie Carell said :

    i had the same prob. Okay so put something he will try to grab on the counter. When he reaches up yell no and when he steps down say good boy do this for a couple days and he will stop for good

  2. Autumn said :

    Don’t leave anything on the counter when you’re leaving the house.

    Bait her by putting something on the counter when you are home and able to catch her in the act. Empty drink cans in a plastic bag is good because it makes one heck of a noise when it hits the ground.

    Leave her in the kitchen and stay out of sight but where you can watch her. The second she grabs the bag of cans you can correct her. She’ll get a good correction both from you and the noise of the cans hitting the floor.

  3. Tiffany said :

    Dogs chew stuff cause their bored and have nothing to do. If you see her doing it whilst your at home, then take one of her chew toys and give it to her. She will then hopefully let go of whatever she is chewing and play with the chew toy you’ve given her instead 🙂
    If she has something to play with throughout the day, then she is more likely to not chew other things!
    If she won’t listen and keeps on chewing, just try to get things that are in easy reach out of the way. Close cupboard doors, and try and not leave things lying around, waiting to be chewed.
    Hope that helped 😀

  4. Single Worker 1230 said :

    Since you are not there when she is doing this, you need to keep her confined away from the kitchen when you are not at home. Another option is to purchase a scatmat. This will correct her while you are way. However the correction may cause her to move her destructive behavior to another counter, kitchen table, stove, etc.

  5. cath a said :

    My dog to does this!I have put everything to the back of the counter so he cannot reach!
    I have even had to take the knobs off the cooker!He kept jumping up (Well, using his front paws to support himself!)Other-wise we may have all been gassed!Looks crappy but what the heck!


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