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How to train dog to stop fighting with the neext door neighbor’s dog??

Every time someone opens door the dog runs out and goes fight with the neighborhood dogs!! His name is bandit, he wasabused growing up in a pit bull community where they were trained to fight! My family saved the bro & sis! He was also a mix of JACK RUSSEL TERRIER AND PITBULL! EVERY TIME! hE ALWAYS COMES BACK WITH SOMETHING BLEEDING!!

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5 Responses to “How to train dog to stop fighting with the neext door neighbor’s dog??”

  1. comets132007 said :

    Get them to know each other and get them to be friends.If they don’t know each other they might bark.Keep him on a leash or keep him inside.Don’t let him get hurt anymore.

  2. Bozema said :

    Make sure the dog is confined before you open the door. Don’t let him get out under any circumstances. This is your responsibility. If someone else’s dog gets hurt or killed, you’re going to be legally responsible and if it continues, they’ll euthanize your dog.

  3. Dude M said :

    Put it to sleep, it’s just not worth it.
    You could retrain it, but it will cost a lot.
    And if you don’t, it WILL kill and YOU will be responsible for it.
    I’d be surprised if you didn’t get sued already.

  4. Jess said :

    Get a fence or a “tie out” stake you can put him on when you let him out. Put him on a leash before you open the door so he can’t run away from you….simple.

  5. Katakia S said :

    get a fence
    it’s that simple. Koinu, my dog, is horrible with all life forms(apart fomr plants) and we have a fence, and it’s hardly notacible!*-*


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