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How can I train my dog to use the tredmill?

I got a tredmill but I want to train my dog to walk on it and run on it so he can stay in top shape and won’t be so bored at home when I don’t have time to take him to the park. What can I do?

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17 Responses to “How can I train my dog to use the tredmill?”

  1. bassetnut said :

    Get off your lazy butt and take the dog for a walk.

  2. Malty21 said :

    Tie him to it and turn it on.

  3. Tammz said :

    you watched ‘I am legend’ havent you?! =P

  4. Chelby said :

    are you a dog fighter?

  5. Jessie H said :

    Do you expect him to turn it on himself??? I guess you would just turn it to the lowest speed and get him to “follow” you.

  6. Larry said :

    You can’t, Dogs can’t turn on treadmills.

  7. ♥ JustAChick ♥ said :

    I’m not sure that’s the safest idea for your dog. What if he fell? What if his collar got caught? I agree with the basset hound above … take him for a real walk 🙂

  8. Manaja Twizzle said :

    put up walls around it so that hes forced to walk on it, that might seem a little cruel but whats more important, a dogs freedom or the laughter that ensues while watching a dog on a treadmill?

  9. minky5 said :

    Walk him yourself!

  10. petcare01107 said :

    i want to warn you that tredmills are very dangerous for dogs to use but if you really want to learn you would want to buy certain equipment to make it safe for the dog.

  11. tylerxx8 said :

    i have tried this as well, i have a staffie and he wont ave any of it , they are inteligent and know when they are being taken 4 a ride, i have a propper running machine too, not a mickey mouse one , it cost a grand, hes not silly

  12. ~*Lisa*~ said :

    If you don’t have time for a dog, you shouldn’t have got one.

  13. I ♥ my mutt! said :

    Dont do that, it’s dangerous. Come on now!

  14. Rob said :

    put the leash on him and stand him on the treadmill and praise him and give him a treat. When he gets on it willingly try turning it on slow and praise and treat him when he stays on.

  15. Victor said :

    Hang a hot dog by string at the front of the treadmill, then hook up his leash to the back so he’s about a foot away from the hot dog. Use a veggie dog though, because you gotta give it to him after his run – but supervise him in case he falls off or gets tangled up. I can’t say how long he’ll fall for it, but it would make a good You Tube video.

  16. captn_saliga said :

    put a leash oh him and tie the other end to the bar. he will have to walk.

  17. Boxer Resq Zealot said :

    My boxer boy uses the treadmill. it’s great for when the weather is bad or i don’t have enough time to give him the exercise he needs.

    Go slowly. Have treats he enjoys ready to reward him.
    Put his collar and leash on. I put the leash around the grab bar a few times them loop it over the arm of the treadmill. i hold the safety pull string (that stops the machine if it’s removed) . I started by going very slow with him. I stood with my legs on either side of him as if i were going to ride him to help guide him and put my feet on the side sections, then we began. he resisted at first, but took to it quickly. he got lots of positive encouragement and treats. we worked up to a higher speed and longer times, and increased the incline over time.

    Caesar Milan the Dog Whisperer often uses the treadmill for his dogs. Try to catch his show and see how he does it.

  18. Gradimirt said :


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