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How to train dog not to run up and down the fence?

Our neighbors have a dog and we have 2 small dogs. They run up and down the fence and bark the whole time they are out there. I know for certain the other family is not interested in reining in their dog but I hate having my dogs out there barking even though their barks are quite soft in sound. I want them to stay on the porch or at least away from the fence. Is there anything I can do to get my dogs to stop? Perhaps a silent whistle?

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2 Responses to “How to train dog not to run up and down the fence?”

  1. Reindeer1489 said :

    get a plexiglass happened to me cause my cats keep running and climbing over it. make the fence high so the dogs cant get their paws on the edge

  2. ξBindi§ said :

    Block their view or don’t let them out unsupervised so you can control the situation.


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