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POLL: Do you recommend using treats to train your dog?

My dog was treat trained before. It was hard for us after to train him without treats. Even with praise, he wont do it unless there is a treat. He is ok now.

Do you know any safe non-abusive way of training dogs without treats.

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13 Responses to “POLL: Do you recommend using treats to train your dog?”

  1. Naysaツ said :

    Well if praise doesnt work then yes you will have to use treats

  2. Ryan M said :

    yes tell your dog what to do, then give him a treat, they learn to listen better, and do what you tell them to do. if you do that it will help train them so much better

  3. Taahir S said :

    Yes you must try training your dog with treats but after a while you must stop giving him cheats when you say a command.

  4. sassy chick said :

    we were able to train our dog some basic commands without giving him any treats.. i think any dog would eventually learn the commands as long as you constantly repeat the commands and what it means..

  5. MizMajykal said :

    Well, I recommend using treats as an incentive and a reward for training animals. Only give them treats if they do something right, but never punish them for doing it wrong. If they say, pee on the floor, tap them on the nose, say “No” and put them wherever they are supposed to go to the toilet. If they pee where they are supposed to, give thema small treat. This is just an example and can be applied in other aspects of training also.

    Hope this Helps 😉

  6. Mum2Monsters said :

    You can try using toys, I have a big dog who wont touch a treat but loves his ball, if he gets his task right he gets the ball. The youngsters love my attention so if they get their task right, they get loads of fuss, my terrier will do nothing without being bribed but he doesnt get the treat everytime..
    Find the triggers for each dog and exploit them!

  7. Jessica A said :

    you just didnt train ur dog properly, your supposed to slowly reduce the amount of treats you give and replace it with a very happy tone of voice and scratch the back of the neck

    treat training is the most successful training technique although in cattle dogs they may prefer games instead

  8. Tarheel T said :

    use praise or allow your dog to have its favorite toy as a reward.

  9. Fallen Angel said :

    I use treats and see nothing wrong with it! You can introduce the clicker. Yes you DO need treats to start with, but the idea is to get the dog to accept the click as the reward eventually! You can also use a favourite toy or affection! But treats are fine, just adjust the rest of the diet so the dog isn’t getting too fat. I use liver treats from here –

  10. palominoprincess54 said :

    Instead of using treats you could throw him a tennis ball.

  11. erik said :


  12. $arah (account suspended) said :

    When i first get a puppy i use treats until they are about 4 months old and then i slowly break them from it, and then use no treats at all.

  13. jaeniq said :

    Treats do work as well as praise. Dogs get really excited about treats so they definitely work!


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