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How do I learn guitar and piano online without the actual instruments?

I don’t have a piano but I do have a non-fullsize guitar. Are there any ways to learn these instruments online for free without the instruments?

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5 Responses to “How do I learn guitar and piano online without the actual instruments?”

  1. The Other Josh said :

    Look up how to read guitar tabs on google.

    Then once you learn how to read them, go to google and type in “guitar tabs for (song)”

    Then just practice. As for piano. You’re out of luck.

  2. Phantomanna said :

    you can’t learn anything without the proper equiepment. In this case, you can’t learn piano if you dan’t have one ::P

  3. TommyMc said :

    A very large part of learning an instrument involves “muscle memory.” You can intellectually understand how and where to place your fingers, but until you can actually perform the motions you aren’t playing. The way you train your finger muscles is by actually playing…pressing the correct keys on the piano…or strings on a guitar. By repeating these motions thousands of times, you etch them into your memory.

    There are plenty of online Learn-To-Play resources for both piano and guitar. It will certainly help you to familiarize yourself with the instrument by using those resources…..but you’ll never learn to play without hours/weeks/years of practice on an actual instrument. If your small sized guitar is in not a toy….you can learn all your fingering, strumming and timing on that. The size of the guitar isn’t crucial. As long as it’s big enough to fit your fingers between the frets, your skills will translate to a full sized guitar.

    I really don’t see how you can learn to play piano without some sort of keyboard. Even if you were to draw piano keys on a piece of cardboard, you wouldn’t get the audio feedback to know if it sounds correct…and you wouldn’t get the feel. There are many inexpensive mini keyboards…probably you can find one for almost nothing at a yard sale. I’m sorry but I don’t see how you can learn in a void.

  4. LucasMan said :

    You… don’t.

    Sorry to be so blunt about it, but without an actual instrument to practice on, you can’t really learn the instrument. You can maybe learn some theory, but without an instrument to apply it on it’s sort of pointless.

  5. hesca_a4 said :

    Well, you can UNDERSTAND the instruments, but not learn them. Learning to play an instrument is about practice. Lots and lots of practice.

    I assure you, that you´ll get farther owning an instrument and not taking any lessons, than the opposite. Taking (even) the best lessons in the world without owning the instrument will get you nowhere. Maybe to a brain meltdown from so much incomprenhensible information.

    The size of the guitar doesnt matter, unless your fingers are too big to fit them on the frets. Otherwise, a small guitar will be good to, at least, learn the basics.

    Having a guitar that dont fit you is good becuase it helps you to learn what you want on the next guitar you get!


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