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Can you learn guitar without lessons?

I cant afford lessons. I really wanna learn to play though. Is it possible to do it without lessons? Ive had a short guitar class waaaaay back in middle school but we basically learns to pluck strings, and ive had piano class multiple times… wasn’t that great at it i didn’t like piano. So anyway, is it possible to learn without lessons? and wat r the best ways to learn to play without payin someone else to teach u. Id love to hear from other experience.

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13 Responses to “Can you learn guitar without lessons?”

  1. The All Seeing Eye said:

    you can but you have to teach yourself things you wouldnt know like music theory, you have to do a bit of research and LEARN. The thing is its very hard to know what to look for if you dont know it, but I am sure you can find free lessons online. Dont just play songs learn scales and theory. Look up good practice exercises and stick to it, thats the only way.

  2. Jen Bee said:

    There are instructional cds or dvds and books, just look online.

  3. ray m said:

    yes go online or to the library and check out some books most people learn new things that way

  4. John Walker said:

    Me and my pals in our country play guitars very well, and thanks to our country’s low economy rates, we were unable to get music lessons. Nearly 60% of our whole school plays guitar with distinction without any lessons.
    We thought each other verbally and by practical knowledge sharing time. And thanks to the Internet we can also teach ourselves during holidays or when not in contact.
    I’m not sure whether my life experience thought you anything, but its a tryout. Good luck.

  5. Angus said:

    the answer is YES, no problem. I did it myself, i’ve been playing for about 5 years now. I went to a couple of lessons but i didn’t really get anything out of them, so i decided to save my money. I bought a guitar soloing TAB instruction book (as it teaches scales, theory, practice exercses etc) and followed it til the end. Sometimes i got bored of the book and just learned some songs i like, such as stairway to heaven, enter sandman etc. The book i used was “Guitar soloing: the contemporary guide to improvisation” by Hal Leonard.

    My advice is to buy that book, and a cheapish guitar and amp package for about £100 (or $150), and play for about 6 months. If you find you’re making progress and enjoying it, then shop around for a better guitar. If you decide to pack it in, at least you haven’t wasted too much money. One other good buy is an electronic tuner, as it’s the easiest way for a beginner to keep the guitar in tune.

    The other way to do it is just to look up chord charts and lessons online, that works too.

    Good luck 🙂

  6. Savoy Truffle said:

    Yes! My sister’s doing it

  7. Kab said:

    Learning the Guitar
    You need a course of instruction.
    The best way is with a private teacher
    2nd would be class lessons
    3rd regularly get together with other guitar players
    or if you absolutely will or cannot do the above, Buy a book on how to play the guitar and follow it religiously. Make sure you are having constant contact with other players.
    Last would be to find some free online lessons and skip around in them doing what YOU think you want to do next.
    Guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments.
    It is easy to take with you.
    It has a sound that people like.
    It can be use in almost any type of music.
    Almost anyone can learn to play it.
    Simple music is easily played after only a few days or weeks.
    You can continue to learn new and challenging music forever.

  8. Adam D said:

    Yes, you can learn on your own. It’s best if you try to find a teacher and get lessons, even if it’s for just a month, which should be something like $75. But you still have books, DVD’s, magazines, TAB’s, online lessons and youtube video’s.

  9. Guitar player said:

    yes but you should take lessons

  10. Anonymous Gurly said:

    Sure, I know a lot of people who have taught themselves to play the guitar. And they’re pretty good! You should go onto Youtube and search for “how to play guitar for beginners” videos. They should help. Once you learn the basics you should buy some sheet music to learn how to play.
    Good Luck! 🙂

  11. Average Mike said:

    Statistics show that 90% of people who try to teach themselves guitar fail in the attempt. However, with enough determination and persistence you just might make it. Good luck.

  12. Lindsay said:

    if you have a ear for music its quite possible majority of the instruments i play are by ear you just have to play around with it

  13. SKCave said:

    Yes it is. I’m completely self taught, and I started way before the internet was even though of. There are books of chords, and maybe you can pick things up from friends. Lots of practice and the pain in your fingers will go away !!

    Hope this helps


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