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How can i learn to play the electric guitar?

I am 15 & want to be able to play my electric guitar as good as Avril Lavigne but im no good at it & guitar tutors are really expensive – like £20 an hour! How can i learn to play the guitar, quickly & cheap

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7 Responses to “How can i learn to play the electric guitar?”

  1. Not_Here said:

    if you know someone who can play guitar, ask them to teach you basic chords…

  2. Brown_eyed_girl said:

    There’s not really an easy way unless you know someone who plays the guitar and can help you. ( hint hint lol jk i can’t play ) 😀

  3. ajcool47 said:

    i live in AMERICA! wow that amazing but the way I leraned was listening to music and playing along…I didn’t get lessons….and Im not that old like 13yeha my b day 2 morrow soo don’t report me….But you can also try online lessons from and type in quick and fast songs to learn on elc guitar

  4. sueg42 said:

    Go to click on guitar lessons or beginner guitar lessons. Scan through them until you find one that you think is easy enough to try.

    Good Luck.

  5. PeRsOn said:

    Try to “teach yourself” to play- just play by ear. My uncle taught himself to play electric guitar…………….he is really good too; and he never, ever took lessons. He can even play behind his head!

    Hope I’ve Helped A Little!

  6. rickmillerband said:

    I have been playing guitar for 20+yrs. I taught myself how to play. There are plenty of web sights to help you. The first things to you need to do are.
    1. Have a guitar
    2.Get a tuner ( If you cant tune your guitar it won’t matter what chords you play)
    3. Learn your basic chords (there are only 12 notes)
    4. learn how to change from chord to chord
    5. Most important “““Practice ( I still practice all the time)
    Good Luck & Rock On

  7. angelwith4faces said:

    When I was 13 I took a class in high school.

    Maybe there is a community college or free class you can take somewhere over there? I would really recomend getting a teacher.


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