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How can I train my dog to close the door?

My dog has now mastered the task of opening the door to let himself in and out. It is a pretty heavy sliding glass door so we were pretty impressed when we found him doing it. However, this wouldn’t be a problem at all if he would just close the door behind him. What would be a good way to train the dog to close the door?

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3 Responses to “How can I train my dog to close the door?”

  1. star4danielle said :

    Good Luck… LOL I have no idea… that is cool that your dog can open the sliding glass door.

    and I thought my dog was cool because she can open regular doors….

  2. jewy28 said :

    umm yea sure WITH A LOT of training.
    i never really heard of it. but im just guessing.

  3. BravoSix said :

    It should be rather easy, actually. You can teach your pup to open the fridge too using this technique.

    He’ll probably have trouble with the sliding door as-is, so tie an old rag or dish towel – something he can bite and pull – to the door handle.

    Decide on the command you wish to teach. Maybe “Close” or “shut” (or anything you want, really).

    When the door is open, call your dog to you. Show him the towel, command “close” (or whatever command word you chose), place the towel in his mouth, and pull the door shut with him.

    As soon as the door shuts, reward the dog with praise and affection.

    You may have to do this repeatedly, over several different sessions, in order for the dog to grasp the meaning of the command.


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