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Can you train your dog to pick up his own poop?

I’m sick of doing it and sick of smelling it. I googled “how to train dog to pick up own poop” and it showed me a bunch of links to get the dog to stop eating it. That is not the problem I’m having though. He doesn’t want to eat poop because he gets fed well- Cheerios, occasional hot dog piece, yesterday my kid gave him a whole banana and last night my son shared his broccoli.

Anyway, how can I get him to pick up his own poop (without eating it, of course?)


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12 Responses to “Can you train your dog to pick up his own poop?”

  1. x-Naomi-x said :

    It sounds as if you’re being kind of lazy. Having a dog is a huge responsibility, and you can’t expect it to take care of itself.

    Just feed it a healthier diet.

  2. MrsWilliams(: said :

    Well, you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t take the responsibility, first of all. And second, no, you can’t train dogs to pick up their own poop! They’d have to use their mouths, and a lot of dogs eat their own poop anyways, so no. Only if you have a wonder dog that has thumbs.

  3. AAlone said :
    I know its not picking up the poop but… its a start 🙂

  4. Rover said :

    Well, if you try really hard, I think you can do it. And, may I recommend a pick up tool; The Pooper Scooper works quite well. And an additional piece of advice, if you have a dog that sheds, The Furminator works AMAZINGLY.
    Good Luck!

  5. Albi Shtylla said :

    I don’t think that’s possible for a common dog….

  6. Jennywren said :


    You should not have a dog if you feel like this!

    Why don’t you pick up your own poo and see how you feel!!!!

  7. gcnyniq said :

    Unless ur gona hang around ur dog’s butt 24/7 just to monitor his pooping habits & be there to teach him to react to it straightaway by scooping it up himself… I don’t think it’s possible. Why not set up a compost area or something that he can actually poop in & contribute towards something?

  8. T J said :
  9. DevonKaulitz said :

    Of course you can get your dog to pick up it’s own poop. Next you can train it how to go to the fridge and get you a beer!

    Having a dog is a huge responsibility. You shouldn’t have gotten one if you were going to act like that. Stop being so lazy and take care of your dog.

  10. Steve Gonzalez said :

    can you train a pig how to fly????!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cazz loves Lions!! RAWR! said :

    God knows why your a top contributor, especially in the parenting section…..
    Of course dogs can’t pick up their own poop….

    Let’s hope you haven’t got kids, because if you do then it seems like you can’t even look after a dog so I would hate to find out how you bring up your kids…Probably to curse to everyone, throw eggs and skive school…

    Please give your dog to somebody who would actually look after it properly and can be bothered to pick the poop up…It isn’t that hard is it?!!..

    Are your kids obese?? Because if you feed your DOG all that junk, I would hate to find out what you feed your kids…

  12. Vince Cheb said :

    I had the same problem like your before. but now I am using a very short & light but extendables device to collected the poo in a disposable bag before it drops to the ground. I depose the bag with tieing
    a knot to avoid the odd smell


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