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How hard is it to learn to play the guitar(details)?

Hi. I’m 12. I like to write songs, a lot. and I think it would be cool to be able to PLAY my songs. I’ve always kinda wanted to play the guitar.
So heres my questions:
1. How hard should it be for me to learn guitar?
2. How long does it usually take to learn to the point to be able to play songs?
3. (the big one) how much does a a normal guitar cost?

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6 Responses to “How hard is it to learn to play the guitar(details)?”

  1. Rollins_college7 said:

    k well, i’ll say your at a good age 4 learning because learning guitar takes a life time to master. so yep it can be very tricky if u don’t know anything bout music theory. well, it shouldn’t take long to learn songs because ppl have tabbed them out. for question number 3, it may probably run ya bout 300 or 400 w/o an amp

  2. ? said:

    each really depends on your learning speed.

    1.No real answer for this. Depends how committed you are in practicing

    2.Depends on the difficulty of the song. There are a lot of simple ones you can play almost instantly (smoke on the water)

    3. A smart choice would to buy a starter kit (picks, electric guitar, amp, guitar case) that goes around 150$-200$. The sound isn’t the best but it definitely useful for learning and finding out if you want to go further.

  3. toey_arbi said:

    its really hard for me

  4. Sean Wears Prada said:

    1.takes ALOT of practice.hurts your fingers at first too.but it’s worth it.
    2.not too long.alot of songs only have 3 or 4 basic chords. can get them pretty cheap $100

  5. guitarpicker56 said:

    1. The major difficulty is moving beyond the painful fingertips until the calluses arrive. After that, your practice sessions are much smoother.

    2. It takes as a minimum three months to play a few simple songs–if you practice and work hard at it everyday.

    3. A good acoustic guitar for a beginner could run about $300. I don’t recommend starting out on an electric guitar because all the distortions, buzz, echos, and other abberations coming from the amplifier do not make a guitar player.

  6. Anna said:

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