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How to train dog to not jump?

I have a 2 year old dog and I want to train him not to jump on people when they come to my house. He knows all the commands like sit and stay but when someone other than my parents or myself are at my house he gets overly excited, he is a cocker spainel so he “happy pees” when he meets someone new, I would just like to teach him how to be a Good Boy around new people. Any suggestions?

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16 Responses to “How to train dog to not jump?”

  1. I don't believe in designer said :

    Instead of pushing him away put your knee up when he jumps and say down. When you push him, he sees this as attention.

  2. Jennifer said :

    I find that turning your back to them and ignoring them tends to make them sit down because it confuses them. You can tell them to sit and once they do then turn around a face them and give them attention. You are giving attention for good behavior rather than giving attention for negative behavior. Good luck…you have to love those happy pee puppies!

  3. Shadow's Melon said :

    We taught our Border Collie not to jump by not rewarding the behavior. If she jumped up, we stated “off” and turned our back to her. When she returned to all 4’s, we then turned around, praised her and gave the attention she wanted. If she jumped up again, we repeated the process.

    This takes time to accomplish, but your dog is looking for attention when jumping on people. If you make sure every new person follows thru and does this EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME, then eventually, your dog will realize that no attention comes from jumping.

  4. eab2802 said :

    There is a harnese that prevents them from jumping so that might work and with the peeing my corgi does that to we tell the people dont pet her unless she is outside so now all the people that come over dont pet her untill we take her outside to go to the bathroom

  5. meatismurder90 said :

    when he jumps up on you, turn your back and ignore him, tell other people to do the same, once her learns he learns that jumping on peopl= no attention he’ll stop, you cannot yell at him, pet him, or shove him off, this is all atteniton, you must turn your back on him and walk away.

  6. Misa M said :

    I would suggest that your dog is not “happy” when he pees. This is called submissive urination and it is a desperate plea from your dog : “PLEASE – don’t hurt me!” This is not hard to fix, but you need to be sure that each and every one of your guests will totally ignore your dog when they arrive and depart. Hang a sign on your door if you need to – but coming and going in your house should be as boring as you can make it.
    You should also see a decrease in the puddles on the floor if your guests (and you) get down low when they interact with the dog. Getting low means that humans become much less intimidating – and your dog won’t feel scared, and will be more comfortable approaching them.
    Please don’t knee your dog in the chest. If he jumps up, you or your guests should simply turn around. No punishment necessary – remember, screaming and kicking at your dog will scare her and make her urinate again. Just turn around and wait until she has 4 on the floor – no need to scold, fuss, or bother.
    Here are some sites to help:

  7. tom l said :

    Train him to do something else instead of jumping up. “Sit” comes to mind.

  8. Delay said :

    Actually at 2 years old its going to be tough. Still do-able.

  9. ProudArmyMom said :

    have the person turn their back to the dog and ignor him, no attention whatsoever until he sits.

  10. puppy lover said :

    ignore him he wont pee give him attention 5 min after they come in

    make sure to tell the people who are comming

  11. kitty said :

    About the peeing, I would only suggest to speak his name when he is peeing and ask him why is he doing it now and tell him why he can’t do it then next time he does it go along with the dialogue and introduce the word *No* (peeing in the house, remember?) and get more firm about it each time he does because he could easily scare if the word No! is introduced too abruptly, esp. while he is in the act! Every time he does this, too, interrupt him and get him to come outside with you, I would usually call my puppy to me and he would come right away but sometimes he didn’t so I would collar and leash him out the door. Tell him he’s going to go “potty outside!” and when he does go lavish him with praise and give a treat.

    This might take some time but I bet soon enough he will know how to set his paw in the right direction!

  12. catnboots said :

    I saw this on dog whisperer, they leashed the dogs in a living room and the guest and owners came in. When the dog yanked on the leash and went beserk, everyone got up and left the room. They went back in a few minutes later, and kept going in and out until when they came in the dog stayed calm and laying down.Pretty soon the leash can come off and the dog should stay calm.

  13. monl1225 said :

    When he jumps you have to turn your back to him and tell him to sit. As soon as he sits turn back around and tell him “GOOD SIT” and give him a treat. After a few times of this he should be a little gentleman.

  14. Dogjudge said :

    You need to separate this into two different ideas.

    First idea.

    The dog NEVER gets rewarded for jumping on people. ie. they NEVER pet the dog. they don’t greet the dog. etc. Ignore the dog. Turn you back on the dog, etc.

    Second idea.

    The dog ALWAYS gets rewarded for the good behavior. Since your dog already knows sit stay, when the dog starts to jump tell the dog to sit. ONLY when the dog sits and stays does the dog get REWARDED from the person (petting, etc.) The person bends downs, kneels down to reward the dog. The absolute last thing you want to do is have the dog sit and then jump up and get rewarded. You’re working against yourself at that point. You also want to have the dog sit even BEFORE the person comes in the door. Since you’ve taught the dog to sit, use those same methods (dog on leash, etc.) to have the dog sit before the person comes in the house.

    It will take a few times, but this will work.

    Hope that helps.

  15. JefferyKex said :

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