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Just found out im pregnant how to give up the nasty smoking habit?

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8 Responses to “Just found out im pregnant how to give up the nasty smoking habit?”

  1. amy z said :

    Quit cold turkey! 🙂 Start chewing sugar free gum instead.

    Good luck, and congrats!

  2. kid said :

    think of the effect smoking will have on your child.

  3. bunny said :

    the best way is to quit cold turkey! if you use patches ur baby will get used to the patches and will have nicotine withdrawls! when ur craving chew gum or suck on life savers! it worked for me u could also chew on a straw

  4. BillyTheKid said :

    Cold turkey has a high failure rate, so weaning yourself off slowly is the way to go. Most docs will tell you that’s the way to do it when pregnant to avoid the stress from the cravings and that if you still feel the need for one here or there, it’s much better than caving and going back to smoking as much as you did.

    Good luck and congrats!

  5. Stina Lady said :

    Just start stepping down day by day. Limit yourself slowly by 1 every day.If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, then the next day go down to 9, then the next go to 8..etc. You can do it.

  6. Fallen018 said :

    Cutting down doesnt work. I tried that along with the patch and all that unless you are mentally ready to quit you will keep relapsing. Think of what smoking can do to the baby and that will help. I quit cold turkey. When u get cravings, put something in your mouth, gum tictacs…my thing was a ice breakers. It helps. Good luck.

  7. Kyler Trent due May 25th!! <3 said :

    Just imagine your precious little miracle in front of you. Then imagine blowing a huge cloud of cigarette smoke directly into his little face… Sounds pretty greusome, but you’ve gotta have something to deter you. When I found out I was pregnant, I smoked one last cigarette and haven’t touched one since. It was a little tough at first, and I was 10x b*tchier, on top of the pregnancy moodiness, and I got headaches and nausea etc etc etc, but eventually it was no problem, and so worth it to know that my little guy doesn’t have to inhale all that crap. Now I’m 25 weeks and can’t even believe I ever smoked–my boyfriend still does and when he comes back inside from smoking I can smell him from across the room. It’s awful. Just remember that you have your little bubs inside you, intaking everything you intake.

    Congrats on the pregnancy, and good luck!!

  8. ProudMomof3 said :

    My Dr. told me not to quit. Quitting causes stress and will harm the
    baby. So I cut back to 5-7 a day. The result. 3 pregnancies, 3 big
    and healthy babies. All because I listened to my Dr. His advice
    benefited my children.


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