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Ideas for what to bring to a thanksgiving dinner?

My boyfriend has invited me to his families thanksgiving dinner.
I know they will already have all of the major fixings like turkey, vegetables etc
But I would love to bring something as well to show I’m grateful for being invited.
If it’s something I could pick up while I’m driving over that would be even better.
I’ve already asked him if there’s anything in particular I could bring and he just says to bring myself, but I’d love to bring a desert or somethign for the family, any tips?

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12 Responses to “Ideas for what to bring to a thanksgiving dinner?”

  1. visvardis said :

    bring a nice table wine

  2. v.m. said :
  3. It's Jess!! said :

    PUMPKIN PIE!! Its the best!!! w/ some cool whip. Just go to walmart or publix and you are good to go =]] Hope I helped!!

  4. Blythe said :

    wine or a pumpkin and cream cheese roll. those rock

  5. Issy M said :
  6. Mess95 said :

    bake brownies or buy little chocolate goodies to snack on after the meal.
    Mabye you could bring fruit or flowers. Anything you like

  7. Brittney Is Kennedy's Momma said :

    You could bring your favorite dish, a lot of times different families have different traditions and serve different kinds of food… You could ask your boyfriend “you you usually have so and so” and if he says no then you could make it and share some of your families recipes and traditions…

    For example, my family always had butternut squash, turnip and mashed sweet potatoes (along with regular mashed potatoes), and I have been to thanksgiving dinners at the houses of other family members and friends who don’t have those things, which are one of my favorite things about the meal…

    Or you could take the easy way out and do a dessert or some wine/cider, you can never have enough pies or alcohol on Thanksgiving!

  8. dvcgurl said :


  9. Alex S said :

    You should bring a desert, you can never have too many. Make something different like a pineapple upside down cake or a kool-aid pie( you take a store bought graham cracker pie shell, and then take a container of cool-whip ands mix it with a pack of your favorite kool-aid. then pour it in the shell and refrigerate. 🙂

  10. scfm1095 said :

    Pumpkin Pie or Apple Crisp, you can make some homemade corn bread that everyone loves, or you can bring candied yams/sweet potatoes for they probably are already making mashed potatoes. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Anny said :

    Some sort of dessert, like apple or pumpkin pie.

  12. lee2012 said :

    A nice sweet potato or pumpkin pie would be nice or a nice sparkling cider.


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