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if its hard to give up smoking what other methods are used other than cold Turkey?

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5 Responses to “if its hard to give up smoking what other methods are used other than cold Turkey?”

  1. Ann G said :

    Hi, I recommend you to try Nicocure.
    In just 30 days or less, you can quit smoking, blow smoke away, and on your way back to better health… Guaranteed!
    See more here:

  2. SARAH said :

    Try patches they probly best. Everytime you want to smoke brush your teeth, keep busy, and finally throw out ALL lighters, ashtrays etc. Keep away from other smokers.

  3. coldest snow said :

    Taking green tea helps a lot. Turkey is not as cold as Kashmir but most of people manage without smoking, I’ve seen.

  4. Dr Devi Riot said :

    Go to your doctor, get them to prescribe you CHANTIX it cost 100 bux but its WORTH IT!!! It really makes you not even think about smoking. The price may seem high, but patches and gum will cost you the same amount…it really really really does work.

  5. hypnosharon said :

    Hypnotherapy can be very effective – as long as you are motivated. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how you’re going to manage, just as long as you want to stop. When I do sessions with people I use hypnosis, plus a self help technique such as EFT and also explain how what and when you eat can have an effect. The page below gives you some more things to think about.


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